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Taiwan, the island country famed for its lush scenery, dynamic cities, and diverse cultural heritage, is becoming a favored destination among Indian tourists. Situated in East Asia, Taiwan showcases a compelling combination of scenic wonders, including majestic peaks, soothing hot springs, lively markets, and ancient temples, blending age-old traditions with modern living. It stands as an ideal destination for anyone seeking the excitement of urban exploration while enjoying the tranquility of nature's offerings.

Travelling internationally can often come with a hefty price tag, which may deter many from experiencing the breathtaking wonders of Taiwan. Yet, there is a solution that opens doors to unforgettable adventures: personal loans. With this financial assistance, you can explore Taiwan's exhilarating activities and mesmerising landscapes without worrying about financial limitations.

Things to do in Taiwan

Taiwan is a treasure trove of attractions catering to every traveller's taste. From the iconic Taipei 101 and historic temples to the breathtaking Taroko Gorge and serene Sun Moon Lake, the options are endless.

  1. Explore Taipei: Marvel at one of the world's tallest skyscrapers and enjoy panoramic views of the city of Taipei from the observation deck.
  2. Visit Jiufen Old Street: Wander through narrow lanes lined with traditional tea houses, souvenir shops, and street food stalls in this charming old mining town.
  3. Discover Taroko Gorge: Embark on a scenic adventure through Taroko National Park, home to stunning marble cliffs, lush forests, and winding hiking trails.
  4. Relax at Sun Moon Lake: Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and unwind by the tranquil waters of Sun Moon Lake. Take a boat ride, cycle around the lake, or explore the surrounding temples and pagodas.
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  5. Experience night markets: Indulge in Taiwan's vibrant street food culture at iconic night markets like Shilin Night Market in Taipei or Fengjia Night Market in Taichung. Try local delicacies like stinky tofu, bubble tea, and oyster omelettes.
  6. Visit Alishan: Take a scenic train ride to Alishan National Scenic Area and witness breathtaking sunrise views over a sea of clouds. Explore ancient cypress forests, serene walking trails, and picturesque tea plantations.
  7. Admire the National Palace Museum: Delve into Taiwan's rich history and culture at the National Palace Museum in Taipei. Marvel at its vast collection of Chinese art, including rare jadeite cabbage and meat-shaped stones.
  8. Explore Kenting National Park: Relax on pristine beaches, snorkel in crystal-clear waters, or hike through lush tropical forests in Taiwan's southernmost national park.
  9. Discover Tainan's Cultural Heritage: Immerse yourself in Tainan's rich cultural heritage by exploring historic temples, traditional markets, and well-preserved colonial architecture.
  10. Hike in Yangmingshan National Park: Enjoy a day of hiking amidst volcanic landscapes, hot springs, and scenic vistas in Yangmingshan National Park, just a short drive from Taipei.

Tips to budgeting your Taiwan trip with a personal loan

A well-thought-out plan is key to a successful and budget-friendly Taiwan trip. Start by creating a detailed itinerary outlining your preferred destinations, activities, and estimated expenses. Personal loans offer a convenient way to cover significant costs upfront, allowing you to focus on making memories rather than worrying about finances. With a personal loan for travel, you can secure funds quickly and easily, ensuring a stress-free travel experience.

Visa and travel costs:

For Indian travellers, securing a visa for Taiwan is an essential aspect of trip preparation. It's important to familiarise yourself with the visa application process and ensure you have all the required documents ready. Additionally, planning for travel expenses like airfare, local transportation, and travel insurance is crucial. Personal loans provide a convenient option to finance these costs, reducing financial stress and enabling you to fully enjoy the anticipation of your upcoming journey.

Cuisine and culture:

Exploring Taiwan's culinary landscape and immersive cultural experiences is a key highlight for any traveler. Savor the flavors of renowned Taiwanese dishes like xiaolongbao (soup dumplings), bubble tea, and the infamous stinky tofu, while diving into the island's lively cultural traditions. Personal loans designed with your preferences in mind enable you to dedicate resources to these gastronomic and cultural explorations, elevating your travel experience. Additionally, Taiwan's night markets offer a bustling atmosphere where you can try a variety of street foods and handmade goods, providing a genuine insight into Taiwanese daily life. Participating in traditional festivals also offers a unique opportunity to witness and engage with Taiwan's rich cultural practices firsthand.

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With meticulous planning, prudent budgeting, and strategic utilisation of a personal loan, Indian travellers can relish all that Taiwan has to offer. A travel loan from Bajaj Finserv ensures that financial constraints do not impede your ability to embark on the journey of a lifetime in Taiwan.

Apply for a personal loan and commence your adventure today, and immerse yourself in the enchantment of Taiwan.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is Taiwan so popular?
Taiwan is popular for its stunning landscapes, including lush mountains, beautiful coastlines, and hot springs. It also offers vibrant cities with a rich cultural heritage, modern infrastructure, and delicious cuisine, making it a diverse and appealing destination for travellers.

What is the best time to visit Taiwan?
The best time to visit Taiwan is during the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) when the weather is mild and comfortable. These seasons are ideal for outdoor activities and exploring the country.
How much will a trip to Taiwan cost from India?
A trip to Taiwan from India could cost around Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 1.5 lakh or more, depending on the duration and type of accommodation.
Is visa required to visit Taiwan?
Indian passport holders require a visa to visit Taiwan. The visa application process includes submitting documents such as a passport, visa application form, photographs, and proof of accommodation and travel arrangements. The visa fee and processing time can vary.
Is Taiwan expensive for Indians?
Taiwan can be moderately expensive for Indian travellers, particularly when compared to travel within India. The cost of accommodation, food, and transportation is generally higher than in India. However, travellers can find budget-friendly options, especially if they plan carefully and prioritize their expenses.
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