Channels for a loan settlement

Reach out to us via our three official-channels for loan settlement.

Channels to reach us

If you’re looking to opt for loan settlement with us, it’s important to reach out to us via our official channels only. We advise our customers to be cautious about the illegal and fictitious loan settlement offers. It is recommended that you don’t respond to any unsolicited calls or emails from companies offering loan settlement services.

Sometimes, unlicensed companies provide fake loan settlement offers with vague terms or in the absence of a written document, it’s advised to check thoroughly before you engage with them.

If you need to settle your ongoing loan with Bajaj Finance, connect with the below-mentioned official channels only.

  • Customer care number

    Customer care number

    Contact the Bajaj Finance customer service at +91 8698010101 for assistance with the settlement of your loan. Keep your loan account number and other details handy during the process.

  • E-mail us

    E-mail us

    You can also write to and mail your loan settlement requirement. Our representative will guide you on further steps.

  • Visit our branch

    Visit our branch

    Visit our branch nearest to your location and connect with our representative. Keep your loan account details and other information handy when you visit our branch.

  • When you’re looking to opt for a settlement, it’s important to reach out to Bajaj Finance through one of our official channels only. These channels include - customer care number, email ID, and branches. It’s important to be cautious of any illegal and fictitious loan settlement offers that may lead to fraud or financial scams. You should avoid any unsolicited calls and emails offered by an unknown entity. Some fraudulent loan settlement companies may ask for upfront payment before providing any services. They may request payment of an inflated amount. It is advised to ignore such calls. If you come across any fraudulent loan settlement offers or schemes, you should report them to the relevant authorities to prevent any scams.

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  • Check your loan details

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