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Loan Against Property in Dehradun: Overview

Dehradun’s pleasant climate and picturesque views make Dehradun the dream destination of many travellers across India. Further, Dehradun is also close to many religious cities. Thus, it is not very surprising that people from Delhi and other close by cities visit Dehradun as often as they can. 

Other than tour & travel services, Dehradun is also popular for its food, clothing, and hotel industry. It is also home to many elite boarding schools. Further, compared to metro cities, the cost of living in Dehradun is much lower, making the city an excellent real estate investment hub and an even better place to settle. 

If you have a property in Dehradun that you wish to put to good use, you can opt for a loan against property in the city. A loan against property is a secured loan that a borrower takes by mortgaging their asset with the lender. Financial experts believe that loans against property are one of the safest secured loans. They come at low interest rates and one can avail of big-ticket funds under these loans.

Bajaj Housing Finance Loan Against Property in Dehradun: Features and Benefits 

Before you make an application for a loan against property, go through the below list to see what you stand to gain from this loan type.

  •  Loan of Rs.5 Crores or More

    Sizeable Loan Sanctions

    Enjoy abundant funds against your property from Bajaj Finserv, worth Rs.5 Crore and even more to address all your expenses without any curtailments. Eligible applicants will face no issues in getting approved for a high-value loan amount from us.

  • Flexible Tenors

    Convenient Repayment Tenor

    Coupled with a big-ticket loan amount, we also give you the freedom to choose a long repayment tenor to make the most out of your loan amount. Opt for a loan tenor that aligns with your financial goals and use our Loan Against Property Calculator for a tentative EMI forecast to give you an idea of what your future repayment schedule could look like.

  • Minimal Documentation 

    Fuss-free Documentation

    In addition to such attractive loan attributes, we’ve made getting the loan approval easy as well. Bajaj Finserv demands very little in terms of documentation, apart from the mandatory requirements, making it easy for you to meet them and sail through the approval process.

  • Customised Repayment Options

    Customised Repayment Options

    If you meet our basic eligibility criteria, no matter what your requirement is – we have a loan for you. Enjoy customised repayment options from Bajaj Finserv, to meet with your borrowing requirements, without the pressure of unattainable repayment plans. This means you can repay your loan in a way that is comfortable to you and aligns with your other monetary obligations. Furthermore, you can even foreclose your loan without additional charges.

  • Fastest Turnaround Time

    Speedy Disbursal

    Bajaj Finserv offers a fast turnaround time on your loan promising to disburse your loan amount in just 72 hours*, to the eligible applicants. This means no more long waits for loan amount disbursals and you can spend the funds wherever you need, right away.

  • Hassle-free Balance Transfer Facility

    Balance Transfer and Top-up Loan

    Those who are servicing their mortgage loans with other lenders and would like to transfer the balance to us, enjoy better lending terms, including a reduced rate of interest and EMI pay-outs. What’s more is that you can even refinance your loan, with a sizeable top-up loan of Rs.1 Crore, to ensure there is no crunch in funds for you.

  • Honest Policies

    Honest Policies

    We pride ourselves on our honest policies and transparency and deliver what we promise. We levy no hidden charges and costs and applicants will be notified of all their payables upfront.

  • Contact-free loans

    One Loan, Many Possibilities

    The loan against property feature flaunts the versatility of a personal loan, but with far more affordable lending rates. Unlike a home loan, there is no restriction on how you use the funds sanctioned to you, against your property – meaning the end use of the loan is completely up to you. One can use it to meet wedding expenses, educational expenses, or even to consolidate their debt.

Loan Against Property in Dehradun: Eligibility and Documents

Bajaj Finserv always assures that the customers get the best and most satisfying experience when they apply for a loan. Our eligibility criteria and documentation requirements are simple and easy, which gives you a stress-free experience while applying for a loan with Bajaj Finserv.

Documents needed for a loan against property:

  • Latest Salary Slips
  • Bank account statement of last three months
  • PAN Card/Adhaar Card
  • Address Proof
  • Copy of the documents of the property to be mortgaged
  • IT returns

Contact Us for Loans Against Property in Dehradun

If you live in Dehradun and need emergency funds, Bajaj Finserv is the best option to get a property loan. We give you exclusive offers and benefits, which are hard to find anywhere else in the market. 

So, fulfil your need for a mortgage loan in Dehradun today by connecting with our expert team at 1800-103-3535. If you are an existing customer of Bajaj Finserv, reach us at 020-3957-5192

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