Loan amount: 75% of the FD amount for Cumulative FD | 60% of the FD amount for Non-Cumulative FD


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Loan Against Fixed Deposit

Features and Benefits

Funds - fast and free of risk. Get a loan against your fixed deposit at low interest rate, in just 24 hours. A hassle-free application process and guaranteed approval means that you get the funds you require without delay. Apply for a Bajaj Finserv Loan Against Fixed Deposit for the best solution to your financial needs, from holidays, to weddings, to making a large purchase, to emergencies.

  • High Loan Value

    Loan up to 75% of the amount in a cumulative FD, and up to 60% of the amount in a non-cumulative FD, for all your financial needs.

  • Minimal Documentation

    Single page documentation with guaranteed approval.

  • Quick Processing

    Money in your bank account in 24 hours, so you get the funds you need quickly and easily.

  • Flexible Repayment Options

    Repayment tenors up to the remaining tenor of the FD, post 90 days from the start of the FD

  • Quick Processing

    Quick application process with disbursal of funds in just 72 hours.

  • No Extra Charges

    No foreclosure and part-prepayment charges, to make the loan more affordable for you Fulfil your financial needs easily and quickly. Apply for a Loan Against Fixed Deposit from Bajaj Finserv today.

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