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Is There Any Waiting Period In A Family Health Insurance Plan?

Waiting Period of a Family Health Insurance Plan

Yes, there is a waiting period in case of family medical insurance plans. While choosing the best health insurance policy for family, make sure that you check this aspect carefully. There is an initial waiting period which is usually 30 days but can go up to 90 days in case of some insurers although accident related medical costs will have coverage from the commencement of the plan. There is a specific waiting period where some particular illnesses will have waiting periods of 1-2 years during which claims will not be entertained. There is also a pre-existing waiting period, i.e. in case any pre-existing diseases are there for one’s family members, there will not be any coverage for a particular period of time. Treatment coverage will be provided once this waiting period lapse. This can range between 1-4 years based on the company’s policies.

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