Understand the significance of CAMS acting as a KYC Registration Agency (KRA) responsible for preserving investor KYC records in mutual fund investments.
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CAMS (Computer Age Management Services) KRA (KYC Registration Agency) is a pivotal entity in the Indian financial landscape, designated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to streamline the investor CAMS KYC status and process. As a central repository, it maintains KYC records of investors, enabling them to transact across various mutual funds and securities without the need for multiple KYC verifications. This simplification is crucial in fostering a seamless investment experience, encouraging wider participation in the securities market.

Purpose of CAMS KRA KYC for mutual fund

The CAMS KRA KYC serves a dual purpose: enhancing security and compliance. By rigorously verifying the personal and financial details of investors, it helps in deterring money laundering activities and ensuring investments are made by legitimate entities. This verification process reassures investors that their contributions are secure and that the mutual fund industry operates within the legal frameworks set forth by regulatory authorities, thereby maintaining the market's integrity.

CAMS KRA KYC process

The KYC process facilitated by CAMS KRA involves a few straightforward steps:

  1. Submission of KYC Form: Investors need to fill out a KYC form, which can be done online or in person through a mutual fund house or intermediary. The form requires personal information, contact details, and financial information.
  2. Document Submission: Alongside the form, investors must submit self-attested copies of required documents, typically a PAN card for identity proof and a document like an Aadhaar card or utility bill for address proof.
  3. Verification: CAMS KRA then verifies the submitted details against the documents provided. This might include physical verification or in-person verification in some cases.
  4. KYC Acknowledgement: Once the verification is successful, the investor receives a KYC acknowledgement. This acknowledgement is crucial for investing in mutual fund schemes and other securities, indicating the investor's KYC compliance.

Types of CAMS KRA forms

CAMS KRA caters to a diverse range of investors, providing different forms for individuals, non-individual entities (like companies and trusts), and minor investors. Each form is tailored to capture the specific details relevant to the investor category, ensuring accurate and efficient processing of KYC information. Incorporating mutual funds into your investment strategy, through either lump sum investment or a SIP investment, aligns with the comprehensive approach advocated by CAMS KRA, aiming to diversify your portfolio and support the achievement of your financial objectives efficiently.

Check CAMS KRA KYC status

Investors can easily check their KYC status through the CAMS KRA website. By entering their PAN number, investors can instantly view their KYC status, whether it's "Completed," "Under Process," or "Requires Action." This feature allows investors to take timely actions if needed and stay informed about their KYC compliance status.

Documents required for KYC verification

The key documents required for KYC verification include:

  • Identity Proof: PAN card is mandatory for all investors.
  • Address Proof: Documents like Aadhaar card, passport, driving licence, or recent utility bills can serve as address proof.

These documents are essential for verifying the investor's identity and residence, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

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SEBI guidelines of KRA

SEBI mandates strict guidelines for KRAs regarding data accuracy, privacy, and security. KRAs are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of investor data, adhering to regulatory standards, and implementing robust security measures to protect against data breaches and fraud.

Benefits of KRAs for investors

KRAs offer significant benefits, including:

  • Simplified Investment Process: Investors need to undergo KYC verification only once, enabling them to invest across different securities without redundant paperwork.
  • Enhanced Security: Rigorous verification processes ensure that investments are secure and compliant with regulatory norms.
  • Convenience: The centralised repository enables easy access and management of KYC records, improving the overall investment experience.


CAMS KRA plays a critical role in the mutual fund ecosystem, ensuring compliance, security, and convenience for investors. Its KYC process is a cornerstone in maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of the mutual fund industry.

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Frequently asked questions

What is KRA in mutual funds?

KRA, or KYC Registration Agency, is an entity authorised to manage KYC records for investors in mutual funds and other securities, ensuring compliance and security.

How do I check my KRA details?

Investors can check their KRA details by visiting the CAMS KRA website and entering their PAN number to view their KYC status.

What is KRA in SIP?

For SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) investments in mutual funds, KRA refers to the mandatory KYC compliance process that investors must complete.

What is KYC in mutual funds?

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a regulatory requirement for mutual fund investments, involving the verification of an investor's identity and address to prevent fraud and ensure compliance with legal standards.

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