Form 16 Password

Understanding Form 16 And How To Open Form 16 Password.
Form 16 Password
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2 May 2024

As a salaried professional, you must be well aware of Form 16 and tax deduction at source (TDS). If your income falls under the tax slab, Form 16 is a staple document needed to file income tax returns each year. If you are an employee with income falling under the tax bracket, every month, TDS is deducted from your salary and deposited at the Income Tax (IT) Department. Form 16 is a TDS (tax deduction at source) certificate which has detailed information concerning the salary paid and TDS deducted by the employers. It is a form issued by the employer to its employees and is a password-protected document, requiring the form 16 password to access.

Understanding Form 16

Form 16 is an essential document required in preparation to file your income tax return. It consists of a detailed salary breakup, including fields like house rent allowance (HRA), PPF, Gratuity, and Leave Encashment, along with the details of TDS deducted by an employer.

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Form 16 has two sections, A and B. Please note here that this is not to be confused with Form 16A, which is a separate and different form.

Form 16 section A

Form 16’s section A contains details of TDS deductions and deposits. As an employee, you can easily download this section of the form through the TRACES portal. However, your employer will be needed to authenticate the document. The major parts of the Form 16 Section A are-

  • Details of the employer (Name and Address)
  • PAN and TAN of the employer
  • Employee PAN
  • Summary of salary payment and tax deductions

Form 16 section B

Part B of Form 16 seeks to expand on Section A and is put together by the employer. This part contains a detailed breakup of income and the deductions made, along with sections like Gratuity, HRA, and PPF, among others.

In addition to Form 16, it's important to note that certain employees may also need to furnish Form 12BB, including details of tax-saving investments. This is crucial for ensuring accurate tax deductions.

What is Form 16 password

Now that you understand the importance of Form 16 for personal accounting and taxation, you must have realised that it must be protected and must not fall into the wrong hands. In accordance with its critical nature, what is Form 16 password becomes clearer. Employers prepare the form with utmost care for their employees. Before sharing the form with their employees, these files are encrypted with a password for enhanced security. Form 16 is securely shared over official email addresses and is thus only accessible to a limited set of people and that too with a personalised password. This personalised Form 16 password is generated for each employee using their PAN number and date of birth.

Form 16 password explained with an example

As mentioned above, Form 16 is a vital document and is thus securely password-protected. This Form 16 password is unique to every employee and is generated by the employer that issues the form utilising the employee’s PAN and DOB. Let’s understand this with a simple example. Let’s assume your PAN number is ABCDE5678F. And your date of birth is January 29th, 1995. Form 16’s password for you is the amalgamation of these two numbers. The first part of the password is your PAN number. These could be in the uppercase or the lowercase. The second half of the combination will be your date of birth in the DDMMYYYY format. Thus, taking the PAN and date of birth from the example above, your Form 16 password will be ABCDE5678F29011995.

Instructions for accessing the Form 16 document will also always be promptly shared by your employers and they will also resolve any issues you may have accessing the form.

How to remove the Form 16 password

As Form 16 is quite significant in preparing income tax returns, it often has to be accessed multiple times. Typing a long Form 16 password can get frustrating pretty quickly and you may be wondering if there is a way around it. Well, there definitely is! The best way to save time and effort here is to learn how to quickly save a password-protected document like Form 16 as a new PDF without the password. The method is simple and efficient and will save you a ton of time when preparing taxation documents and finalising calculations. You can easily remove the Form 16 password with the following steps-

  • Open the Form 16 file in a web browser like Google Chrome. For this, you can right-click on the document, and go to the ‘Open With’ menu to select Chrome.
  • Once the document is open, it will prompt you for the password. Don’t worry as this is the last time you will have to enter the password. Enter the key in the specified format to access the document.
  • When the PDF is open, locate the ‘Print’ button in the top right or simply press Ctrl + P to open the print menu.
  • In the now-open print menu, you will get the option to choose the destination for printing. Here, you can simply pick the ‘Save as PDF’ option from the menu
  • After you have selected the right option, click on the ‘Save’ button to choose the desired directory folder to save the new PDF.
  • And that’s it! The newly saved PDF will not have a password and can be easily accessed anytime.

Summing up

A robust knowledge of Form 16 and its password protection method is crucial for every salaried professional. This is because Form 16 is a key document for filing income tax returns. Form 16 provides detailed information on salary and tax deductions, and is divided into sections A and B, each containing vital data. Form 16 password ensures security, with each employee having a uniquely generated password using their PAN and date of birth. While accessing Form 16 may require inputting this password, it is possible to easily remove the password for convenience using simple steps. By following these procedures, employees can streamline the process of accessing and utilising Form 16 for taxation purposes, easing their compliance process.

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Frequently asked questions

When will Form 16 be generated?

Form 16 will be generated by the employer for its employees before 15th June in a new financial year. The employer can get the form through the TRACES portal.

How to open password protected Form 16?

The password for opening Form 16 is a combination of your PAN number (in uppercase or lowercase) and your date of birth in the DDMMYYYY format.

How do I open a password protected income tax return PDF?

After successfully filing your income tax return, you receive an acknowledgement PDF which is password protected. The password to access this is your PAN number (in lowercase) and your date of birth in DDMMYYYY. Let’s say your PAN number is MNOP1234Q and your date of birth is 24th June 1997, then your password will be mnop1234q24061997.

What is a password protected PDF?

To secure important documentation, PDFs can be secured with a password. This password is to be entered to access the PDF and provides enhanced protection against unauthorised access.

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