EPF Form 10D

Understand how to fill EPF Form 10 D.
EPF Form 10D
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If you are a member of the Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), you are automatically enrolled to Employees' Pension Scheme (EPS). You are eligible to receive pension upon retirement at age 58. If you prefer, you can opt for an earlier, reduced pension starting at age of 50. The reduction is 4% for each year before age 58. To apply for your monthly pension, you will need to fill EPF Form 10D. The amount of your pension depends on your final pensionable salary and years of service within the scheme.

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Overview of EPFO Form 10D

Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS) provides pension benefits for various situations such as permanent disablement, widow pension, and pension for nominees. In 1995, EPS replaced the Family Pension Scheme (FPS) introduced in 1971. It also offers pensions for permanent disability, widows, and designated nominees. When an employee joins an establishment covered under the Employees Provident Funds & Miscellaneous Provision Act of 1952, they automatically become part of both the Employees Provident Fund Scheme (EPF) and the Employees' Pension Scheme (EPS). To start receiving their monthly pension after retirement, they will need to fill EPF Form 10D.

How to fill EPF Form 10D

  1. By whom the pension is claimed
    Under this field, the applicant has to mention any one of the following:
    • Member
    • Widow/ widower
    • Major/ orphan
    • Guardian
    • Nominee
    • Dependent parent
  2. Types of pensions claimed
    • Superannuation pension: Regular monthly pension upon retirement at age 58.
    • Reduced pension: Monthly pension starting as early as age 50, but with a 4% reduction for each year before age 58
    • Disablement pension: Monthly pension due to permanent and total disability.
    • Widow & children pension: Monthly pension for the surviving spouse and children of a deceased member
    • Orphan pension: Monthly pension for surviving children of a deceased member, up to the age of 25
    • Nominee pension: Monthly pension for a designated nominee upon the member's death
    • Dependent parent pension: Monthly pension for financially dependent parents of a deceased member without a surviving family or nominee
  3. Member details
    • Name
    • Gender
    • Marital statusDate of birth/ Age
    • Father's/ Husband's name
  4. EPF account details
    • RO
    • Office
    • Establishment code
    • Member’s account number
  5. Name & address of the organisation in which the member was last employed
  6. Date of leaving the service
  7. Reason for leaving the service
  8. Address for communication
  9. Option for commutation
    Commutation is an option for retiring employees who would prefer a lump sum payment instead of receiving monthly pension payments for life. With commutation, you can get around 30% of your pension funds immediately. The remaining 70% will be used for monthly pension payments
  10. Option for return of capital
  11. Nominee: Provide the name of the nominee who will receive your pension in case of your death
  12. Details of dependents: Specify your family details; if member passes away, your family members are eligible for the pension
  13. Date of member's death (if applicable): This section is relevant only if the member has passed away. A death certificate must be provided as proof of the date of death
  14. Bank details:
    • Bank name
    • Name of the branch
    • Address
  15. Existing scheme certificate information
    If you already have a scheme certificate, please provide the following: 
    • Scheme certificate control number
    • Name of the issuing authority
  16. If you currently receive a pension under EPS 1995, please provide:
    • Your PPO number
    • The issuing RO/SRO (Regional Office/Sub-Regional Office)
  17. Documents enclosed
    • Carefully review all the information you have provided in the form
    • Sign the form
    • Have your employer sign the form to verify the details
    • Your employer must fill out the table in Section 2 of the form
    • Your employer is responsible for submitting the completed EPF Form 10D, along with any required documents, to the appropriate EPFO regional office

What are documents needed to be submitted with EPF Form 10D?

  • 3 passport size photo
  • If you have a permanent and total disability, a medical examination by an EPFO-appointed Medical Board is required. You must include their report, along with any other relevant medical documents, when submitting your form
  • When a member retires or passes away, the establishment must provide a certificate and specific wage details about the member. This information is mandatory for processing pension claims
  • If your former organisation is closed and there is no authorised officer, you will need to have your application forwarded by an approved individual. This could be a magistrate, gazetted officer, bank manager, or another authorised person approved by the commissioner

Processing time of the application

The pension settlement process is completed within 30 days after the application is submitted. the claim form 10D for pension status is also settled within this 30 days.


EPF Form 10D is an essential document for claiming your EPS pension benefits. Understanding its purpose, the eligibility criteria, and the required information ensures a smooth process when you retire.


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