OTT Subscription Plans

Buy Bajaj Finance Pocket Subscription plans offering OTT subscription at an annual membership fee starting at Rs. 699.
OTT Subscription Plans
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The rise of numerous OTT platforms has transformed our entertainment consumption, providing distinctive shows and films tailored to individual tastes. Yet, the abundance of choices can be daunting when managing various subscription plans. Explore enticing OTT bundle subscription offers to streamline your options.

As the demand for OTT plan options increases, the OTT subscription price list has become a vital tool for viewers. For every platform, a separate subscription fee needs to be paid to stream content for entertainment benefits.

Bajaj Finance, in partnership with different service providers, brings forth Pocket Subscription plans that offer complimentary OTT subscriptions for one year.

What is Pocket Subscription?

Bajaj Finance offers over 50 products under the Pocket Subscription category. These provide complimentary insurance and health-related benefits with teleconsultation plans, road trip cover, card protection plans, and much more.

These plans start at a nominal fee of Rs. 199 and are all valid for a plan term of one year. While these offer multiple benefits, a few of these plans come with a complimentary OTT subscription. No additional fee needs to be paid and you can avail the benefits of the subscription plan, along with OTT benefits.

Apart from Pocket Subscription plans, Bajaj Finance also offers a range of budget-friendly insurance policies. You can check out these Pocket Insurance products for affordable insurance plans that cover all your daily needs.

What are OTT platforms?

OTT or Over-the-Top platforms refer to digital platforms that deliver audio, video, and other media content over the internet, bypassing traditional cable or satellite TV services. Such platforms provide viewers the flexibility of consuming content at their own pace and convenience.

Some of the most popular OTT platforms include Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and HBO Max. These platforms provide a wide variety of content including TV shows, movies, documentaries, and original content. With OTT platforms, viewers have the freedom to choose and customise their viewing experience, making entertainment personalised and accessible.

List of OTT subscriptions offered as complementary benefits with Bajaj Finance Pocket Subscription Plans

Here is a quick overview of the usual OTT subscription pricing of the popular OTT platforms.


OTT subscription plan

OTT subscription price


ZEE5 subscription Plan

Rs. 849

12 Months

Sony LIV subscription Plan

Rs. 999

12 Months

Disney Plus Hotstar subscription Plan

Rs. 1,499

12 Months

Gaana Plus subscription plan Rs. 399 12 Months

1. ZEE5 subscription with CPP Wallet Care

Losing your wallet can be a major financial loss and may also lead to identity theft. The CPP Wallet Care plan is available at an annual subscription fee of Rs. 699 and offers the following benefits, including OTT subscription:

  • ZEE5 annual subscription and uninterrupted access to web series and movies
  • Emergency travel and hotel assistance of up to Rs. 1 lakh
  • Single call card blocking facility. You can call at the 24x7 CPP toll free helpline number – 1800-419-4000 and block all your debit/credit cards with a single call
  • Free PAN card replacement service, in case of lost PAN cards
  • Mobile wallet protection of up to Rs. 50,000
  • Coverage of up to Rs. 2 lakh against online fraud, card fraud, including PIN-based fraud, losses due to phishing, and tele-phishing

2. ZEE5 and Sony LIV subscription with Wallet Care Entertainment+

The Wallet Care Entertainment+ plan as the name suggests, is a card protection plan that comes with OTT bundle subscription benefits. You can purchase this CPP plan from the Bajaj Finance Insurance Mall at an annual subscription fee of Rs. 849. Given below are the key features of the plan:

  • 12-month ZEE5 and Sony LIV subscription giving you uninterrupted access to original content, live TV, web series, and movies
  • Complimentary card protection against PIN-based and online fraud, phishing, and tele-phishing
  • Coverage of up to Rs. 50,000 for mobile wallet protection
  • Emergency travel assistance of up to Rs. 1 lakh
  • Card blocking facility through a single call with the CPP 24x7 toll-free helpline number

3. Hotstar subscription with DocOnline Good Health 360

With emerging new diseases, a good health plan is necessary. The Good Health 360 plan protects you against the financial strain of medical expenses. The plan is available at a subscription fee of Rs. 699. It is valid for a plan term of one year. Given below are a few of the key features of the plan that also includes benefit of OTT subscription plan:

  • Get 1-year complimentary Hotstar subscription. The Disney+ Hotstar subscription with this plan is only valid for mobile
  • Avail unlimited video/phone doctor consultation that helps avoid doctor visits by up to 70%
  • One voucher for a full body health checkup that includes 31 parameters with a single advanced blood test
  • Save up to Rs. 2,700 on your medical expenses for health-related emergencies

4. ZEE5, Sony LIV, and Gaana Plus subscription with CPP Mobile Protect

With advanced features and models, mobiles phones have become expensive and any damage to them can cause a hole in your pocket. The CPP Mobile Protect plan provides coverage for such damage starting at an annual premium of Rs. 1,212. The key features of the plan are given below:

  • Get a 12-month Gaana Plus subscription and enjoy streaming songs, song downloads
  • One year subscription of ZEE5 and Sony LIV
  • Get 100% coverage for accidental or liquid damage to mobile screen
  • Coverage in case of any damage to your mobile display due to an electrical or mechanical breakdown.
  • F-Secure SAFE device security
  • Register your mobile phone IMEI and SIM number with CPP and get SIM card blocking facility

OTT subscription combo with these plans and entertainment benefits is pocket friendly. They provide benefits similar to insurance and come with OTT subscription. In conclusion, the Bajaj Finance Pocket Subscription plans offer a cost-effective way for viewers to gain access to a variety of OTT platforms. From blockbuster movies to binge-worthy TV series, OTT platforms provide a vast array of content accessible anytime, anywhere. OTT subscriptions have reshaped the entertainment industry and are here to stay, offering endless possibilities for viewers to explore and immerse themselves in a world of captivating content.

Frequently asked questions

What is OTT subscription?

OTT stands for Over The Top and refers to streaming media services provided directly to users over the internet. OTT subscriptions offer a variety of options for users to stream movies, TV shows, and other content on-demand, without the need for traditional cable or satellite TV services.

Which is better, OTT or TV?

OTT subscriptions offer an unparalleled level of flexibility and accessibility that traditional television services cannot match. OTT platforms offer the freedom to watch content on-demand, rather than waiting for the scheduled broadcast timing. Furthermore, they provide users with exclusive access to original content, which is often not available on television.

Which is the best OTT platform bundle in India?

There is no single best OTT platform bundle in India, as it depends on the user's personal preferences. Popular OTT platforms in India include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, Zee5, and Voot. Each of these platforms has different content offerings, pricing, and user interfaces for their subscribers to choose from.

Can I get all OTT subscription in one?

Currently, there is no single bundle that offers all the OTT subscriptions in one package. However, there are options to purchase bundles from specific providers.

Which OTT is free?

Several OTT platforms offer free content, including YouTube, MX Player, and Hotstar (with limited content). Additionally, some telecom operators provide free access to OTT platforms as part of their subscription packages.

How do I get all OTT subscriptions in one package?

To access all OTT subscriptions in one package, consider subscribing to bundled plans offered by telecom or internet service providers. These packages often include multiple OTT subscriptions along with their services, providing convenience and cost-effectiveness.

How do I use all OTT platforms in one app?

You can use all OTT platforms in one app by downloading aggregator apps or smart TV devices. These apps or devices allow you to access and stream content from various OTT platforms within a single interface, simplifying your entertainment experience. Simply install the aggregator app or connect your smart TV device to access a wide range of content from different OTT platforms effortlessly.

Which is the best OTT combined subscription?

The best OTT combined subscription depends on your preferences and viewing habits. You can choose from popular options like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and more. Consider factors such as content library, exclusive shows, and pricing to find the perfect fit for you.

Which are the latest OTT platforms?

The latest OTT platforms in India include SonyLIV, ZEE5, Alt Balaji, and Voot Select, offering a diverse range of content from movies and TV shows to original series and live sports. Stay updated with the newest releases and trends in the world of streaming entertainment.

Do OTT platforms charge money?

Yes, most OTT platforms offer subscription-based services that require users to pay a monthly or yearly fee to access their content library. However, some platforms also offer free ad-supported content alongside their premium subscription options.

Is YouTube an OTT platform?

While YouTube offers a vast array of video content, it is not typically classified as an OTT (Over-the-Top) platform. OTT platforms are usually dedicated streaming services that offer on-demand content, whereas YouTube is a user-generated content platform that hosts a wide range of videos, including user-generated content, music videos, vlogs, and more.

How can I watch movies and web series through OTT platforms?

To watch movies and web series on OTT platforms, you can subscribe to a platform of your choice and access their content library through their website or dedicated mobile app. Simply sign up for a subscription, choose your preferred content, and start streaming on your device of choice, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or computer.

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