Dell Warranty Check Online

Check the warranty status of Dell desktops and laptops. Know how you can extend the warranty period with extended warranty plans.
Dell Warranty Check Online
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Dell is one of the most popular brands that offer durable and robust laptops and desktops. It also offers a warranty on hardware and software products to reduce the repair cost of damaged parts. You can conduct a Dell warranty check in just a few clicks to check the warranty period and coverage details.

What is a Dell warranty?

Dell offers a one-year warranty on most of its hardware products and a three-year warranty on its software. The hardware warranty covers defects in the material or quality of their products and offers free repair or replacement. You can document the problems by clicking its pictures for future reference. On the contrary, software warranties cover defects in the software or media that was pre-installed in the computer during its purchase.

What are the terms of the Dell warranty?

One of the primary tasks when purchasing a Dell computer happens to be checking the warranty. Dell offers various types of warranties to its customers keeping in mind their different needs. Let's have a closer look at the different types of warranties and associated conditions:

· Standard warranty:

This is the most common type offering a one-year unlimited warranty. It primarily covers hardware defects and malfunctions.

· Extended warranty:

It covers only hardware failures that occur when using the laptop. Before purchasing an extended warranty cover, go through the conditions carefully.

· Dell care pack:

It includes technical support and extra coverage on components that the Dell warranty does not cover.

Different ways to do Dell laptop warranty check

Are you a Dell laptop user looking to check the warranty status of your device? There are multiple ways to do so. Take a look at the following pointers to find out how:

  • Visit the Dell website and enter your service tag or express service code to check the warranty status
  • Use the Dell SupportAssist tool, which automatically detects your device and displays its warranty status
  • Dial Dell's customer care number and provide your service tag or express service code to the customer care executive
  • Use the Dell Support app to check the warranty status
  • Check the warranty status on the invoice or order confirmation email received when purchasing the laptop.

By using these different ways to check your Dell laptop's warranty status, you can be sure that you are aware of the coverage you have on your device and take advantage of it if needed.

How to check Dell warranty?

You can easily conduct a Dell laptop warranty check to get an idea about the warranty period of your device. The steps for doing so are as follows:

Step 1:

First, find out the express service code or service tag number of your Dell laptop.

Step 2:

Next, open the warranty status page of Dell on your web browser.

Step 3:

Accurately enter the service tag number or express service code of your Dell laptop.

Step 4:

Finally, click the ‘Search’ button to get all the necessary details.

Knowing these details will help you decide if the warranty period is still available or if you will need to get an extension.

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What does Dell warranty cover?

Dell promises its customers to take care of most manufacturing defects that interrupt the smooth functioning of their devices during the warranty period. These include:

  • Problems and issues arising due to manufacturing defects.
  • Any external damage to the laptop during shipping.

Besides the inclusions, you should also stay aware of the costs and repairs that you cannot claim even during your Dell laptop warranty period. These include:

  • Damage due to accidents, issues in the power supply or misuse of the laptop.
  • Damages due to the use of parts and components that Dell has not supplied.
  • Problem in software and components caused during shipping that Dell did not provide.
  • Damage due to any unauthorised servicing of your laptop.

Planning to extend your Dell warranty?

Keeping the warranty period on can save you from bearing the immense costs of repairing and replacing damaged products. Also, your device can keep performing at its best offering you the promised quality of service. So, renew or upgrade your plan today for minimising the out-of-warranty expenses.

You can conduct a Dell warranty check free of cost to determine its remaining duration. This can help you to upgrade, renew, or extend the plan as per your needs and also at cost-effective rates.

How to buy an extended warranty for your Dell device?

You can opt for an extended warranty plan available on the Bajaj Finance Insurance Mall. You can secure your Dell laptop with an extended warranty of up to 36 months, starting at a nominal fee of Rs. 699. Given below are the steps to buy a laptop extended warranty plan on the Bajaj Finance Insurance Mall:

Step 1: Click here to open the application form.
Step 2: Enter your asset details – asset category, invoice amount, and your full name and mobile number. Check the terms and conditions and click on the ‘Get Plans’ button.
Step 3: A list of plans will appear based on your invoice amount and asset category. Select your preferred plan by clicking ‘Buy Now’.
Step 4: Then, enter your name, date of birth, email address, residential address, and PIN code. Click on ‘Next’.
Step 5: Enter the manufacturer name, model name, and manufacturer warranty. Also, the asset serial number, invoice number, and date. Click on ‘Review details’.
Step 6: Review the filled details carefully and purchase the plan. Make the payment through any of the preferred online payment modes available.

Why should you choose Dell extended warranty plan for your laptop/monitor?

Given below are the benefits of opting for a Dell warranty for your laptop:

  • Secure your investment: An extended warranty plan protects your laptop from unexpected repairs or damages, giving you peace of mind and securing your investment.
  • Save money: The cost of repairs or replacements can be significant, but with an extended warranty plan, you can save money in the long run.
  • Hassle-free support: With an extended warranty plan, you will have access to Dell's customer care team, who can provide support and assistance whenever needed.
  • Customised plans: Dell offers customised extended warranty plans to meet the specific needs of different customers. This ensures they get the best coverage for their device.
  • Easy claims process: In the event of a problem with your laptop, the claims process is usually easy and streamlined, enabling you to get your device back up and running in no time.

Any unexpected damage to your laptop can be extremely expensive. With this Pocket Subscription extended warranty plan, you get additional coverage for your laptop in case the manufacturer warranty expires.

Frequently asked questions

Is a Dell warranty check appropriate for all Dell devices?

Yes, a Dell warranty check is appropriate for all devices such as tablets, laptops, computers, monitors, and so on. You can raise a claim when facing issues with any Dell product during the warranty period.

What do I do after the Dell warranty check if the warranty of my Dell laptop has expired?

If the warranty period of your Dell laptop has expired, you can renew or extend it. This ensures that your laptop stays covered in case of all the damages so that you do not have to pay any additional amount.

Does your Dell laptop service plan cover everything the Dell warranty check shows online?

Yes, the service plans cover everything that the Dell warranty check online shows. However, you should also check what the plan does not cover before raising a claim for repair or replacement.

Is it necessary to register my Dell laptop online before doing the Dell warranty check?

Yes, it becomes mandatory to register your Dell device online at the official portal when purchasing the device. This helps in easy tracking of the expiry date of the warranty period of your Dell device.

How do I check my Dell warranty?

Checking your Dell warranty is a straightforward process. Visit the official Dell website and navigate to the "Support" or "Warranty" section. Once there, you will typically find an option to enter your laptop's service tag or express service code, which are unique identifiers specific to your device. Alternatively, you may log in to your Dell account if you've registered your product. The warranty information, including the coverage period and type, will be displayed once you provide the necessary details.

How do I claim my Dell laptop warranty?

To claim your Dell laptop warranty, you need to contact Dell customer support through phone or email. A Dell representative will guide you through the process and provide further instructions.

Does Dell warranty cover damage?

Dell warranty generally does not cover damage caused by accidents, misuse, or other external factors. However, Dell offers optional accidental damage and theft protection plans for its laptops. It is best to check your Dell warranty terms and conditions or contact Dell support for more information regarding coverage.

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