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What happens if you prematurely withdraw from your FD?

  • Highlights

  • Many issuers charge penalties for premature closure

  • The rates may not be as high on opening a new FD

  • It doesn’t always benefit to change FDs for a higher rate

  • Taking out a loan against your FD is a better option for urgent cash needs

You may find yourself wanting to prematurely withdraw from your Fixed Deposit account due to an unforeseen expense or emergency. In such cases, it is important to know the financial consequences of breaking your FD.

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1. Closure penalties and lower interest rates can prove steep

The rate of interest offered on fixed deposits tends to be higher for longer tenors. For example, on July 1st, 2012, the interest rate for a 4-year FD may be 7.85%, whereas a 1 year FD would offer you 7.6%. If you wish to prematurely withdraw your FD, you will be charged interest as per the rate on the day of opening your account, for the actual period of time your account was open. In this case, if you withdraw your FD after one year instead of four, you will be entitled to 7.6% interest and not the 7.85% you originally signed up for. What’s more, your issuer may charge you a fee for premature withdrawal.

2. Interest rates on a new FD may not be as good as your old one

In certain economic climates, interest rates on FDs may drop, and there is no guarantee that they will be as high as they were on the date you opened your account. By prematurely withdrawing your FD, you are making yourself susceptible to lower interest rates, should you wish to reopen an FD again in the near future. What’s more, many financial institutions such as Bajaj Finance, offer you assured returns that are immune to market fluctuations, so it is in your best interest to think deeply before withdrawing prematurely.

3. Changing FDs for a higher interest rate doesn’t always pay

If you plan on closing your FD so you can reinvest the money with another issuer that is offering you a higher rate of interest, it would benefit you to first calculate the amount of money you would lose in premature withdrawal fees and lower interest. In most cases, once you’ve taken these fees into account, you may find that the new FD will offer you the same, or sometimes lower returns on investment. .

4. For immediate cash, it may be better to take a loan against your FD

If you are in need for immediate financial assistance, it may be better for you to take out a loan against your FD, rather than break the FD. Loans against FDs offer you far better interest rates than personal loans. Most issuers will set the interest rate at just one or two percent higher than the FD interest rate. What’s more, with your FD still intact, you can continue to earn interest.

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A fixed deposit that offers you assured returns at competitive rates of interest is a long-term investment that shouldn’t be broken lightly. In the event that you require immediate funds, a loan taken against the FD is a far more financially prudent solution. If this is not something that works for you, you can easily withdraw your FD before maturity by making an easy online application. Choose an issuer who has a simple process of premature withdrawal to ensure that you have the liquidity you desire during your time of need.

DISCLAIMER: The mentioned fixed deposit interest rates are indicative only, and may be subject to change periodically. Please check the interest rates on our website.

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