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25 May 2021

To reach out to a broader segment of your audience, enhancing your clinic and its visibility becomes very important then. While a loan for doctors can give you monetary support for marketing activities and for improving your in-clinic facilities, emphasising your presence online is another measure that you can take. Go beyond social media and opt for a more lucrative approach, such as listing your clinic on an app. This will help you serve your existing patients with more ease and ensure that they return to you for medical help in the future. Being present on the best medical apps will also allow you to see more patients without increasing overhead costs.

Here are 5 apps that will help you supplement your business in the long run.

1. Practo

With a simple sign-up process and an easy-to-use interface, your Practo profile will take no time to set up. You can include essential details on your profile like your timings, fees and areas of medical expertise. This app allows patients to ask questions and leave reviews, which in turn helps potential patients. You can answer these questions, upload informative articles and leverage the platform to showcase your expertise. In the long run, this will build your profile and help you attract new clientele. On Practo, you will also find tips that will help you improve your profile.

2. DocsApp

This app helps you provide medical services to its 4,00,000 existing users. Satish Kannan, the co-founder of this app, feels that 70% of all health problems can be taken care of online, and DocsApp allows you to make the most of online medicine by chatting with patients to provide treatment. With DocsApp, you can offer healthcare to the masses, often in rural areas, and practise beyond your clinic.

3. Refadoc

Refadoc helps you create an online presence by connecting you to patients in 18 different cities. Patients are also allowed to leave reviews, which build your credibility and prove your expertise. As a result, you can use this app to bolster your reputation and bring in more clients. The app also forbids paid reviews, which ensures that all the reviews are authentic and so, it levels the playing field for all doctors.

4. Jio Health-Physicians

The Jio Health-Physicians app helps you expand and grow your practice by connecting you to a wide network of Jio Health patients seeking medical aid. It also provides better care by giving you access to patients’ medical histories, notes, and medical profiles via the app itself. You can consult patients via video and audio call and share files with them too.

5. Lybrate

This is an app that simplifies your work and makes managing your clinic easier and more convenient. It allows you to connect with patients from all over the globe, thereby immediately expanding the scope of your practice. You can choose from a free or nominally priced plan based on your requirements. You can make use of a customisable page that allows you to showcase your achievements and build confidence amongst your patients.

Besides this, you can also access your patient’s records before they visit your clinic. In this regard, Lybrate acts as an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. Grow your business beyond your clinic with these 5 apps. With their help, you can boost visibility, connect with more patients and build a brand for yourself.

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