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How to run a successful restaurant business

  • Highlights

  • Craft the menu cleverly to keep costs to a minimum

  • Ensure that you pick your staff with care

  • Pay attention to décor to ensure comfort and repeat visits

  • Secure finance to keep your business functioning smoothly

To be a successful restaurateur, you must have the passion to put great food on the table and a strong business sense. Sound business practices will help you turn one-time customers into patrons who keep coming back. This will help you generate profits from your business.

Here are the elements you should focus on to run a successful restaurant.

• Impress with the menu:

The menu is your first opportunity to impress the customer. The menu itself should be well designed and exciting. It should cover the basics of the cuisine and be replete with information on signature dishes, ingredients and specialties. A well-thought-out menu helps to showcase the cuisine while keeping raw material costs in check.

• Pick the right staff

You are only as good as your team. Well-mannered, polite waiting staff and an informed host are the keys to ensuring that your guests have a good experience. Behind kitchen doors, you need qualified chefs and well-trained kitchen staff to ensure that you can deliver high-quality food consistently, even when order volumes are high.

• Make your customers comfortable:

Food is one part of the experience in a restaurant. You also need to have a pleasant and inviting ambiance to complement the food. So, once you have the necessary permissions, work on creating an inviting atmosphere and don’t skimp on décor and comfortable seating. If diners are not comfortable, you will lose out on large groups such as kitty parties and families. Also, to further this effort, ensure that your restaurant is easy to access—be it via a lift if it is on the top floor or a ramp for the elderly.

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• Go the extra mile with social media and a website:

Just as you work tediously in the kitchen to perfect every dish, you also need to get the word out effectively. You must develop a basic but informative website with the location, phone numbers, menu and a note about yourself and your restaurant’s ethos. Also, with food becoming a visual experience, you can use social media to your advantage to draw customers. Hire a digital marketing team to achieve both targets.

• Ensure you have enough start-up capital:

When starting a restaurant, be sure that you have the financial means to execute your plans. This will help you stay afloat until you break even, while meeting everyday costs of procuring ingredients and paying salaries. You can apply for a business loan to fund your business until it becomes self-sufficient.

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The restaurant business is exciting, but it takes a strong strategy to keep it afloat. Follow these tips on financial and strategic planning to make your restaurant business a resounding success.

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