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How To Improve Your Patient's Waiting Room Experience

  • Highlights

  • Patients often wait for hours - for consultation and diagnostics

  • Technology can help improve the waiting experience

  • Ways to increase patient engagement

  • Investing in patient experience should be continual

The Indian healthcare market is currently growing at a CAGR of 23% and the patients often have multiple options to choose from. Apart from the effectiveness of the treatment, they judge the service quality through various tangible factors like what they see and feel throughout the entire experience.
One of the key service differentiators is the average waiting time. In India, the average consultation time of an out-patient is two minutes, while the average waiting time is 10 to 30 minutes.Hence a sizeable amount of time in doctor-patient interaction involves waiting before.
While some amount of leadis expected, long hours of waiting, across multiple consulting and diagnostic stages can become excruciating. As a medical practitioner, it might not be possible for you to immediately streamline processes or increase speed and bandwidth to reduce the actual waiting time, you can certainly consider implementingideas to reduce the perceived waiting time. While the former might involve a lot of work, reducing perceived time spent can be achieved by providing a better waiting room experience.
Here are some suggestion you can consider:

Rework the interiors:

Try using warm hues and soft lighting in the waiting areas. This helps reduce the stress and heaviness and offers a light and refreshed feeling. You can also consider improving the seating experience by investing in modular seating systems(MODU) with improved ergonomic features like movable armrests and customizable seating pads. These generally cost Rs.3,000-15,000 per unit.
Plan a step-by-step upgrade for the interiors, gradually increasing patient comfort. For the additional investments, consider innovative financing solutions like doctor loans. Armed with flexi facility, these allow you to

withdraw funds as per your renovation needs and repay as per your convenience.

Invest in technology:

Hospital Management Systems(HMS) are software solutions that help you effectively manage and streamline the administrative processes like patient record management, appointment scheduling, reminder setting, etc.
With the involvement of data management systems, you can give a boost to the patient’s experience at the clinic. For example, reducing the wait time by providing prior intimation Most HMS systems are billed on per-user basis, and the fee ranges between Rs.15,000-20,000 per user. In the long term, you can finance the monthly outflows towards HMS with doctor loans up to Rs.2 crorethat are specially designed to meet the needs of medical practitioners.

How doctors can take their practice to the next level

Go digital with Business Loan for Doctors

Bajaj Finserv offers business loans to doctors up to Rs.35 lakh with added benefits like 24-hour disbursal, doorstep document pickup and Flexi Term Loan facility. With these special loans, you can integrate technology in your practice operations and streamline operations and boost profitability.

Activity station:

For OPDs where patients are accompanied by their children (or if children are themselves the patients), setting up activity stationscan help keep them engrossed. You can also install adult activity stationshaving interesting reading materials. It is also an opportunity to inform them about your service portfolio, information about procedures and treatments, health tips and advice for post-procedure recovery.


Install modifications like acoustic blinds or separators to ensure privacy during the waiting period. Pediatric, geriatric, obstetrics and gynecology patients have special needs and might need a separate waiting space with low noise levels orlight in the clinic. Acoustic blinds are conducive to creating a calm and relaxing environment for the patients without compromising any design element and can be installed at Rs.34,000/unit and above.


Internet connectivity is like a lifeline!More so for patients who have loved ones waiting anxiously about the news of their wellbeing back home. You can install devices like Wi-Fi routers, signal boosters, and power ports to enhance connectivity.
With ongoing development, you cantransform the waiting room experience, and use it smartly to your advantage.

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