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25 May 2021

A home is an asset that demands a long-term commitment. From paying off your home loan to maintaining your home through thick and thin, it is a lifelong responsibility. However, this asset can work wonders for you in a bevy of exciting and profitable ways. For example, you may think that it is impossible to put your house on rent when you are already living in it. But how about renting it out when you are away? Instead of keeping your premises vacant, you can utilise your home to earn some cash while you are setting off to explore the world.

Opt for a home exchange

Home exchange saves you from paying for your accommodation in a foreign land. If you are not choosy about a hotel stay and want to travel extensively all year long, then a home exchange will help you save some cash, which you can use to pay for travelling and other expenses. List your home on portals like www.homeexchange.com and register your address for a nominal yearly fee.

To set up your profile, you will have to list your preferred travel plans for the year and upload photos of your home. For instance, you can set a preference that you want to travel to Paris during summer and Norway during winter. The portal will connect you to residents from these places who intend to visit India at the same time when you are visiting these countries. Once both homeowners finalise on the terms, then the real exchange happens.

List your home on short-term rental portals

Listing your home on portals like www.airbnb.co.in and www.guesthouser.com is another way of earning cash. You can list the guest room in your house for rent. This will allow you to host guests even when you are home. You can then charge them for their stay and food on a pre-determined rate. Alternatively, you can host bigger families and open the entire house for rentals during your vacations.

So, when you are travelling you can be sure that you will get paid for the same duration by allowing someone to stay at your house. The best part about these portals is the transparency in their policies. They will only connect you to genuine travellers and you can mention home etiquettes on the listing too. This will ensure that nothing in your house is hampered or spoiled during your absence.

Take an affordable top-up loan to travel

If you are not comfortable opening up your house to strangers in your absence, then just plan to raise funds via a loan using your home. Nothing can work better than a top-up loan on your home loan. Pre-decide on a destination and budget for your trip, and then approach your lender to access funds as per your needs. Being an existing home loan customer will make you stand a better chance in receiving a good sum from your lender at nominal interest. Since this loan is backed by your home as collateral, you’ll also enjoy a lengthy repayment tenor.

So, use your home in a way that suits you to fund your holidays around the world and set out with your family to create memories of a lifetime!

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