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25 May 2021

Whether it’s for the upcoming festive season, a wedding in the family or just to give your home a new look, a home update can change your space for the better. It can increase how comfortable you and your family feel at home and can even help you accomplish your daily tasks with much more ease. But, upgrading your home needn’t be a task that’s heavy on your pocket. Take a look at some home upgrades that you can implement.

Introduce smart security at home

When you are considering home updates, don’t neglect security systems. Secure the perimeter of your home with a camera and sensory alarm system. Install wireless window, door, balcony, and passageway CCTV cameras that offer quality video output even in low-light conditions. If you have toddler at home, install a wireless baby monitor in his/her room. Also, introduce a burglar alarm system to secure valuables at home.

A basic magnetic burglar alarm for your doors and windows will come at a price that starts at Rs.500. But if you are considering security on a larger scale, then a fully-loaded security system, for a 3 BHK home will costs you upwards of Rs.50,000, depending on the brand you choose.

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Update home electronics and furniture

A home update allows you to part with old furniture and electronics in order to invest in new, updated designs and models. Do a little research and arrive at a checklist for the electronics and/or furniture items that you think you should replace. Then, make your purchase through multi-brand shops or websites to view options from a variety of brands. Depending on whether you’re replacing furniture and electronics in a room or the entire house, the cost could range from Rs.2 lakh to upwards of Rs.8 lakh.

Make unused space more family-friendly

Over the years, your family’s needs may change. For example, a garage might not have been a necessity in the past, but now, with a second car, you may feel that having a garage is a must. Also, it may happen that post your children getting married, you may have extra bedrooms and you may want to convert one into a home library. You can remodel these unused spaces as per your needs and make good use of them. For example, to create a home library in a spare bedroom, you will have to spend around Rs.2 lakh to buy bookshelves, a sofa and a pair of recliners. You can also add a desk to create a study, or add art to enhance the library based on your budget. Funds from a Top up Loan on your home loan are ideal to finance such a remodel.

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Apply a fresh coat of paint and change the lighting

Change the look of your home by introducing new lights. For starters, you can shift to energy-efficient LED bulbs. They are a one-time investment, come with a long warranty and promise to reduce electricity consumption. To give your home a sleeker feel, you can even opt for recessed lighting, chandeliers and lamps. While floor lamps will cost you upwards of Rs.10,000 per piece, a chandelier can cost you upwards of Rs.35,000 depending on the style you choose, and recessed lights will cost you around Rs.1,300 each. Another way to instantly freshen up the look of your home is to invest in re-painting it. Standard interior paintwork in a metro area for a 1,000 sq. ft. 3 BHK will cost you upwards of Rs.37,000. The price will vary based on the type of paint, number of walls, parts of the house included, labour costs, etc.

Implement these simple measures to transform the look of your home, without going over your budget. Not only will they help you give your home a new look, they will also increase its value.

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