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25 May 2021

Client retention and appreciation strategies are tools that should be employed year-round to cultivate healthy, profitable, and long-lasting relationships in any Chartered Accountancy firm. Client retention is critically important since:

  1. Retaining a client costs less than what it takes to obtain a new one
  2. Most new business comes from existing clients (and their referrals)

However, the rules of marketing are changing fast. Along with client retention finding new clients is an equally challenging task. Potential clients can be found in more places than ever before if the right channels and techniques are used.

Strategies for client retention and getting new clients for a CA firm

1. Establish Brand Value

If you want to get the real business best way to get business is to establish your expertise and brand value. Keep your knowledge updated and try to bring it on social platforms.

2. Frequent and honest communication with clients can be done in the following ways

Client satisfaction surveys and interviews:
Get feedback from the clients by sending them short questionnaires. Communication regarding the business relationship – the scope of work and pricing – is imperative.

Face-to-face feedback:
In addition to sending clients a short questionnaire, the partners can visit the firm’s top clients to solicit ideas about ways the firm can improve and how it can better assist clients with issues they are facing. Visiting clients is more “powerful,” and visits are an effective cross-selling tool.

3. Connect with more and more professionals

Develop a niche area of your expertise so that not only clients but professionals working in other areas may refer your services and do the same for them also. Establishing business alliances with other trusted professionals like lawyers, investment advisors, technology consultants and recruiters can help serve your clients.

4. Network with potential clients

Networking events are vital. Even in today’s digital age, in-person events are great opportunities to meet new prospects. It’s important to be prepared before you attend networking events. Find out as much as possible about the other attendees before you go. Think about what would make your firm valuable to these potential clients.

5. Create content

You have a rich store of valuable industry information and knowledge in your head. Now think about the collective intelligence of your firm. That’s an incredible amount of intellectual property that can be unlocked and shared with potential clients. You can reap the benefits from this knowledge using your website, social media, blogs, and other online content tools. Keep writing nice content it will strengthen your profile day by day.

To accomplish the above strategies, CAs need to:

  • Hire efficient and hard-working employees who sustain with the firm for a long period of time
  • Get right partners who have strong networking
  • Last but not least client retention and client pitching requires some amount of expenditure

Expenses for the above strategies can be financed by Business Loans for Chartered Accountants. to help professionals like your expand current business operations and grow your practice.

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