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25 May 2021

Running a school is no easy task, and managing teachers, parents and and ensuring a high quality of education can be a challenge. At the heart of it, your school’s aim is to provide knowledge and shape budding minds. The administrative and other managerial issues that arise should never overshadow this goal. Since it is not possible to simply obliterate a problem, the key is managing each important issue. Furthermore, you must be able to streamline administrative and operational processes.

By doing this, you can promote a positive atmosphere and manage your school efficiently. In turn, you can build a stronger rapport with students and parents, and continuously improve the quality of education. For all such efforts, you will need sufficient finances and you can bank on the Business Loan from Bajaj Finserv. With access to Rs. 80 lakh on a collateral-free basis, you can make changes to your operational framework and in turn manage your school better, without any undue financial stress.

So, take a look at a few measures that you can implement to make managing the school easier.

1. Use management software to reduce the workload

With the right software, your school can streamline many processes that would otherwise take up a lot of time and manpower. For instance, you can store, track and access student information and performance with great ease with the help of software. Software also allows you to manage health records, disciplinary reports, library books, admissions, profiles, homework, etc. Moreover, it supports updating information on the go, as long as you have access to the software.

2. Actively involve parents in their child's learning

A parent’s involvement in their child’s school life should not be limited to sports galas and annual days. With technology by your side, you can involve parents in their child’s academic progress and classroom activities. Use parent portals and apps to share certain responsibilities with parents, and also use this system to disburse information. This provides opportunities for parents to be involved in their child’s education, and makes parent-teacher interactions, communicating important information, sending reports and other activities very simple.

3. Support your teachers and have communication channels

When your teachers feel heard and cared for, it improves the quality of education that your institute provides. So, apart from focussing on students and parents, also make it a point to address teachers and their needs. Put in place a system that allows you to give teachers feedback at periodic intervals, address concerns that you find are common to multiple faculty members and also ensure that their grievances are heard confidentially, if necessary. This will go a long way in ensuring that your teachers buy into your vision for your school and perform per your expectations.

4. Document issues to avoid complicated situations

When dealing with discipline, the most important step is to document every detail. Have everything on record, right from who the student is, what the incident was, the teacher involved, actions taken and the date. This is important in the event that a matter becomes a legal issue, the reputation of your school is at stake or if you are being sued wrongfully. Documenting every detail enables you to identify behavioural issues as well and address underlying causes. Besides, you won’t waste time in establishing a timeline, in case the situation escalates.

5. Use technology to improve teaching and communication

To a large extent, a student’s educational progress is because of effective communication between teachers and students. Not only can you use technology to communicate with parents, you can also use it to improve teaching. The use of presentations, videos, websites, educational games, short films and other forms of technology allow you to speed up the process of dissemination of information and ensure better recall. For example, instead of a teacher explaining a concept in chemistry, a video with a visual demonstration is sure to be more exciting and engaging.

By focusing on these areas, you can streamline the way in which you run your school, save time, and improve parents’ satisfaction at the same time. So, when you notice the first signs of distress, be sure to go back to the drawing board and tackle pain points with simpler, smarter solutions. Use your pre-approved loan offer with its fast 1-step verification from Bajaj Finserv to put your plan into action instantly.

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