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Iceland is a destination that has captured the attention of many Indian travellers in recent years. From the picturesque landscapes to the unique experiences it offers, Iceland is a dream destination for many. However, the funds necessary for travelling to Iceland can be a concern. This is where a personal loan can help, providing you with the financial security needed to make your dream trip to Iceland a reality.

The Iceland trip cost from India depends on several factors such as the time of year, the duration of the trip, the number of people travelling, and the level of luxury. Typically, airfare is the most significant expense, with the average cost of a round-trip flight from India to Iceland ranging from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,00,000. Accommodations can also be expensive, with hotel rates starting at around Rs. 7,000 per night. Other expenses such as food, transportation, and activities add up quickly and can further increase the total cost of the trip. However, our personal loans offer a solution for those looking to finance their dream trip to Iceland. Our flexible financing options cover everything from flights to accommodation, making it easier to plan your itinerary without worrying about finances.

Must-visit attractions in Iceland

Iceland is a land of natural wonders and tourist attractions that will leave you spellbound. It has everything from stunning glaciers, geothermal pools, waterfalls, geysers, and more. Here are a few must-visit places to help you kick-start your Icelandic adventure:

  1. The Blue Lagoon
    This geothermal spa is situated in a lava field near the city of Reykjavik. The mineral-rich water is warm, relaxing, and has supposedly healing benefits too.
  2. Northern lights
    The northern lights phenomenon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is best viewed in the winter months of September through March when skies are clear.
  3. Golden Circle
    The Golden Circle is a popular tourist route that circles three of Iceland's most famous attractions: Thingvellir National Park, the Geysir Geothermal Area, and Gullfoss waterfall.
  4. Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon
    This glacier lagoon, situated in the Vatnajokull National Park, is famous for its icebergs. It is a unique experience to take a boat trip among these ice formations and see seals swimming around them.
  5. Vatnajokull glacier
    This is the largest glacier in Iceland. The place offers many glacier and ice cave tours for adventurous visitors.

Planning and budgeting for your trip

It is essential to plan your trip to Iceland in advance to make the most of it. A travel loan can cover expenses such as airfare, hotel accommodation, meals, and sightseeing activities.

Visas and travel costs

Indian travellers require a Schengen visa to enter Iceland. It is important to check the visa process and requirements before booking your trip. A personal loan can help cover the visa and travel costs effectively.

Cuisine and culture

Traditional Icelandic cuisine is centred on seafood, lamb, and dairy products. It is a culinary experience not to be missed. Most restaurants may be a bit expensive, but you can enjoy food at a more decent price if you look for local cafes. A personal loan could help you splurge on local cuisine and culture with ease.

Take a trip to Iceland with a personal loan from Bajaj Finance

A personal loan can be a simple and effective way to finance your trip to Iceland. A Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan comes with flexible financing options, streamlined processes, and minimal documentation requirements.

Choosing Bajaj Finance for your personal loan comes with many advantages, including:

Easy financing
Our personal loans come with flexible financing options to help you manage your expenses, including travel plans. From flights to accommodations, sightseeing to shopping, a personal loan can help you plan your trip on your own terms. Our interest rates and fees are also competitive, ensuring you can budget your trip with ease.

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Fast approval
Our personal loan application process is quick and easy to complete online in a few minutes. Depending on your profile, you can receive the loan amount in your bank account within a few hours*.

Minimal documentation
You only need to share a few basic documents, such as income proof and KYC documents, to apply. Some of our customers have pre-approved offers. You can check for pre-approved offers by clicking on the Apply button at the top of this page.

Simple eligibility criteria
Our eligibility requirements are basic and uncomplicated. As long as you are an Indian citizen who meets our basic requirements, you are likely to receive the loan you require. Before you begin the application process, please review our personal loan eligibility criteria.

If you are planning a trip to Iceland, a personal loan can be a viable financial solution. With careful planning and budgeting, you can use the personal loan to make the most of your Iceland trip. Lack of funds will no longer deter you from going on your Iceland adventure.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does an Iceland trip cost from India?

A trip to Iceland from India can cost between Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 3 lakh or more, depending on the duration of stay and travel style.

Is Iceland cheaper than India?

Iceland is generally more expensive than India, especially in terms of accommodation, food, and transportation.

Is Iceland very expensive?

Iceland can be expensive due to its high cost of living, but budget options are available for accommodation, food, and activities.

Are 3 days enough to visit Iceland?

While 3 days can give you a glimpse of Iceland's beauty, a longer stay of at least a week is recommended to explore the country fully.

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