How to read Personal Loan Statement of Account

Get a detailed view of your personal loan summary, transaction, and payment details.
How to read Personal Loan Statement of Account
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28 Sep 2022

Once we process your personal loan application, we send you a ‘Welcome Letter’ in your email with the details of your loan. This letter includes details such as your loan account number, loan amount, and the EMI due date. The charges applicable on your loan are also included in this document.

As you repay your personal loan instalments, the details of your transaction activities are maintained in your Statement of Accounts (SOA). Your SOA includes a number of important details such as the total EMIs paid, the date and amount of the last EMI, and more. Missed or delayed payments, as well as other transactions that you may have done on your loan are also mentioned here.

You should check your statement of accounts periodically and keep a track of your repayment status. You will be able to record your repayments and report errors, if any.

The statement of accounts for a Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan includes the following sections:

  • Loan details
    The loan details section includes information such as the loan date, the amount you borrowed, and the balance outstanding.
  • Payment summary
    This section offers you a quick overview of your ongoing loan. This includes the instalments amount, the breakup of the principal and interest for the payments made, as well as adjustments such as bounce charges or penalties.
  • Transaction history
    You can find an update on all the EMIs paid by you as well as a record of missed EMIs, if any. The transaction history also displays details of the fees charged on the loan such as bounce and part-prepayment charges.
  • Part-prepayment summary
    If you have paid a portion of your loan in advance, the record of such a payment is stored in your part-prepayment summary. This includes the date of the transaction as well as the amount you paid.

If you spot a discrepancy on the details mentioned in your loan account statement, you can visit our customer portal – My Account and raise a request to get this corrected.

How to find your personal loan statement

You can find your personal loan statement by visiting our customer portal – My Account by using the web browser on your phone or computer or with the Bajaj Finserv app.

To find your loan statement from a web browser

  • Visit ‘My Account’ by clicking on the ‘Sign-in to My Account’ button on this page
  • Enter your registered mobile number and OTP on the login screen
  • Click on ‘My Relations’ to see your ongoing relationships with us
  • Under ‘Loans’, select your personal loan
  • Under the ‘Quick Actions’ tab, select ‘View Statements’ to view or download your loan account statement

To find your loan statement on the Bajaj Finserv app

  • Log in to the Bajaj Finserv app (you can download the app from the App Store and Google Play Store)
  • Click on the ‘My Account’ tab
  • Under ‘My Relations’, select the ‘Loans’ option
  • Select your personal loan
  • Under the ‘Quick Actions’ tab, select ‘View Statements’ to view or download your loan account statement

Visit My Account to review your statement of accounts. You can also find other related documents including your repayment report as well as your No Dues certificate there.



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