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Eyewear Assure | Spectacles Insurance in India

For some, eyewear is an integral part of their lives as it directly relates to having a clear vision. However, with changing times, it has evolved from being used just for medical purposes to a style statement. Moreover, eyewear has become expensive with various choices that are available in the market for the user to choose from. With this, insurance for spectacles has also gained importance to stay financially secure in case of loss, theft or damage of expensive eyewear. Eyewear Assure is a spectacle insurance from CPP Group India that helps you cover your valuable glasses against accidental loss, damage, theft and fire.

Features & Benefits of Eyewear Insurance

Eyewear Assure offers coverage up to Rs. 15,000 for repair and replacement of spectacles, along with additional benefits up to Rs. 40,000 at just Rs. 799.

Here are the details of the plan:
Membership Term 1 Year
Membership Fees Sum Insured up to Rs. 15,000 at just Rs. 799
Deductible Up to Rs. 15,000 – Rs. 500

  • What’s Covered

    Here’s what’s covered under this plan:

  • Protection against damage and loss:

    Protection against damage and loss

    This plan offers optimum financial coverage for your eyewear in case someone accidentally sits on your spectacles/sunglasses and breaks the frame, or you accidentally knock it to the floor.

  • Coverage for theft and burglary:

    Coverage for theft and burglary

    The plan covers the financial loss incurred due to theft, burglary, or robbery of your eyeglasses.

  • Coverage for theft and burglary:

    Coverage in case of fire, riot, and strike

    This plan covers you against any kind of losses or damages caused due to fires, riots, strikes and any other perils. The insurer will compensate for the cost of repair or replacement of your damaged spectacles in such cases.

  • Additional coverages

    Here are the additional coverages offered under the plan:

  • Block Credit/Debit Cards With One Phone Call

    Block credit/debit cards with one phone call

    The plan allows you to block all your debit and credit cards by making a single phone call to the insurer if you happen to lose them.

  • Emergency Travel Assistance

    Emergency travel assistance

    If you ever get stranded anywhere during your journey, you can avail of emergency financial assistance up to Rs. 20,000 in India and up to Rs. 40,000 abroad.

  • Emergency Roadside Assistance

    Emergency roadside assistance

    You can avail of emergency roadside assistance in case of a vehicle breakdown, flat tyre, or battery jumpstart. This service can be availed across 400 locations in India.

  • What’s Not Covered

    Here are some of the exclusions under this plan:

  • Eyewear older than 1 year

    Eyewear older than one year

    Spectacles older than one year as per the invoice date are not covered under the plan.

  • Damages due to normal wear and tear

    Damages due to normal wear and tear

    Damages that occurred to your eyewear due to normal usage are not covered under the plan.

  • Carelessness on the user’s part:

    Carelessness on the user’s part

    Loss or damage of the spectacles/sunglasses due to mishandling or carelessness on your part are not covered under the plan.

    To know the coverage and exclusions in detail, please read the product brochure by clicking here.

How To Apply

Here are the steps to apply for the plan:

  • Click on ‘Buy Now’ button and share your basic details in the online application form
  • Check and confirm your application by entering the OTP received on your mobile number
  • Pay the premium via credit/debit card, UPI, mobile wallet, or any other available online payment mode
  • You will receive the details of your membership via email/WhatsApp

Depreciation Chart for Eyewear Assure

Age of the spectacle % of Depreciation
0-3 Months 10%
3-6 Months 20%
6-9 Months 30%
9 - 12 months 40%
12-18 months 50%
More than 18 months 65%

Eyewear Assure – Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can we insure spectacles?

Yes, you can insure your spectacles. Eyewear Assure helps you to keep your spectacles insured against loss or damage. You can apply for the plan online using our hassle-free application process and pay via your preferred mode of payment.

Are glasses lenses covered by insurance?

Eyewear Assure covers loss and damage of your glasses. However, damages due to wear and tear or due to carelessness on the user’s part are not covered.

Can I claim for broken spectacles?

Yes, you can apply for the claim using a hassle-free claim process within 24 hours of discovering the damage.

How much does eye insurance cost?

Bajaj Finserv’s Eyewear Assure can be availed of at a premium of just Rs. 799 with a coverage of up to Rs. 15,000 and additional benefits of up to Rs. 40,000.

How To Process A Claim

To raise a claim, you can contact the insurer within 24 hours of discovering the loss or damage of the spectacles through any of the following ways:

1. To avail of emergency travel assistance

• Call on 1800-419-4000 (toll-free number), or
• Write an email to


2. For eyewear related claims

• Call on 1800-266-7780 or 1800-22-9966 (only for senior citizen plan holders), or
• SMS ‘Claims’ to 5616181

Documents Required To Raise A Claim

Here are the documents required to raise a claim:

  • Duly filled and signed claim form
  • Incident report by the customer
  • Original bills/invoices of the spectacle
  • Copy of the report from the fire brigade, in case of fire loss
  • Copy of the FIR, in case of theft or burglary
  • Besides these, certain other documents may also be required at the time of claim settlement.

Claim Settlement

After submitting all the required documents and survey/investigation reports, the claims department will settle the claim within the stipulated time frame.
The payment will be remitted through any of the following ways:

  • NEFT
  • System cheque

Note: Copy of cancelled cheque and EFT mandate form will be required for EFT settlement.

Contact Us

For queries related to the policy, please write to us on email at

Disclaimer – Bajaj Finance Ltd. (BFL) is merely a distributor of above products, owned by CPP Assistance Services Private Ltd. (CPP). Issuance of these products is at the sole discretion of CPP. This product shall be governed by CPP product T&C's, and BFL does NOT hold any responsibility for the issuance, quality, serviceability, maintenance and any claims post-sale. This is not an insurance product, and CPP Assistance Service Private Ltd. is not an insurance company. Purchase of this product is purely voluntary in nature. BFL does not compel any of its customers to mandatorily purchase any third-party products.

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