Account Summary

Get an overview of all your credit cards and loan details, repayment history and more in one place.

  • Monitoring your CIBIL score regularly can help you be credit-ready

  • CIBIL Score doesn’t take in to account your savings or investment account information.

  • Closing your old loan accounts will not increase your credit score.

If you find any inaccuracies in your account details, you can raise a dispute by writing to TransUnion CIBIL Limited at

Frequently Asked Questions

What details can I check about my accounts?

The Account Summary section of our Credit Pass contains all the key details of your loan and credit card accounts, both active and closed. You can view everything right from the account number to last payment date and payment status. It is important to keep a check on your account summary from time to time to ensure that there are no errors.

Why do I need to know my closed accounts?

Closed accounts such as paid off loans or closed credit cards may factor into your credit history. They show your credit history. If you have any errors reported in your closed accounts, you can correct them to help you build a stronger credit profile and credit score.

What if my account details do not match?

You must correct any errors or wrong entries in your account details immediately. Since Bajaj Finance Limited has partnered with TransUnion CIBIL to generate your personalised Credit Health Report, you can raise a request for correction on the official TransUnion CIBIL dispute page by clicking here.

What is DPD in Credit Health Report?

DPD stands for Days Past Due. It shows the number of days by which you have missed an EMI or credit card payment. If you have made timely payments in the past, your DPD in your credit report will be ‘0’. In case you have missed your payment by 15 days, your report will how ‘15’ against the previous month.

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Why is it important to rectify errors on your Credit Health Report?

Your Credit Health Report forms the basis for your credit score. Hence, it is necessary to correct any error you notice in your report immediately.

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