At BFL, we believe learning never stops. We have built an ecosystem that facilitates continuous learning opportunities for our employees helping them achieve growth and professional excellence. It is one of our key differentiators and a catalyst for our success.

The dynamic and rapidly evolving business environment requires us to constantly upgrade, upskill and build new capabilities to stay ahead of the curve and stay relevant.

Our Learning and Development Matrix is masterfully designed to address the specific skills or competence gaps in an individual employee as well as to bridge the performance divide that the business may be experiencing. This facilitates a holistic approach to enterprise wide learning while ensuring that the development needs of individual employees are also met.

Our learning programs are logically structured to include personnel at all levels within the organisation. They include induction programs for new employees, transition programs customised for the Business, Leaders as Trainers for induction and functional programs. In addition to this, there’s a special emphasis on building capabilities at the managerial cadre, across all levels.

We invest in the latest technologies to ensure seamless transmission of knowledge and skills. ILLUME, our cutting edge learning and knowledge management platform offers online courses that help in keeping our employees up to date with our latest business products, policies and processes. The content can be downloaded for offline viewing. The element of gamification ensures that the learner stays engaged throughout the duration of the course.