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Virtual Assistant - BLU

BLU our self-service Chatbot is available today on our Website, Portal, Mobile App & BFL Wallet App. Using this our customers can interact with our digital assistant and get answers for any queries regarding our product and service, as well as, about any existing relationships with us. This service is available round the clock and gives instant resolution to customer queries like Loan Details | EMI Card Details | Statement of Accounts | Fixed Deposit details | Update Contact Details.

What can you ask BLU?
- “I want to know my Loan Details”
- “Send me my Statement of account”
- “My Outstanding EMI details”
- “When is my next installment”
- “Tell me my EMI Network Card details”
- “What is my EMI Network Card status?”
- “Why is my EMI Network Card Blocked?”
- “What is my EMI overdue?”
- “How to change my bank account number?”
- “Tell me the nearest branch address”
- “I want to know how to get my interest certificate”
- “How to foreclose a loan?”
- “How to change my mobile number/email id”
- “How to login to Experia / Customer Portal?”
- “Tell me my Customer Id”
- “Tell me about Flexi Loan”
- “Provide me my Fixed deposit details”
- “Send me my Fixed deposit receipt”

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