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Bajaj BLU-Live Chat Support

Bajaj BLU our self-service chatbot is available today on our website, portal, mobile app & BFL Wallet App. Using any of these platforms, our customers can interact with our digital assistant and get answers for any queries regarding our product and service, as well as, about any existing relationships with us. This service is available round the clock and gives instant resolution to customer queries like loan details, EMI Card details, Statement of Accounts, Fixed Deposit details and update contact details.

Features of BLU Chat Support

Bajaj BLU chat support is your virtual assistant, available 24x7 on our website, to help you navigate through your product/service-specific queries and grievances.

Bajaj Finserv BLU helps avail of answers without waiting on a customer executive's call or going through the hassle of visiting a branch in person.

Here are the top features of Bajaj Finserv BLU that you should know:

  • It helps you access the latest information about your loan account or other financial product
  • Bajaj BLU helps you acquire information about our products and services
  • It allows you to update details and access e-statements
  • You can access information about EMI network card or seek assistance about shopping online
  • You can also check information regarding e-mandate registration via BLU
  • Also, access prompt information about payment and withdrawal through our Bajaj Finserv chat support

Ways to connect with BLU

Connect with Bajaj BLU by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the Bajaj Finserv home page

Step 2: Navigate to the right side of the page

Step 3: Look for a popping icon at the bottom of the page that reads as: Ask BLU

Once you spot Bajaj Finserv BLU, you can proceed to raise a request. Typically, you have to select a relevant option from the standard menu or type your query in the chatbox.

You will also find Bajaj BLU chat on Bajaj Experia App, BFL Wallet app and customer portal.

What can you ask BLU?

- “I want to know my Loan Details”
- “Send me my Statement of account”
- “My Outstanding EMI details”
- “When is my next installment”
- “Tell me my EMI Network Card details”
- “What is my EMI Network Card status?”
- “Why is my EMI Network Card Blocked?”
- “What is my EMI overdue?”
- “How to change my bank account number?”
- “Tell me the nearest branch address”
- “I want to know how to get my interest certificate”
- “How to foreclose a loan?”
- “How to change my mobile number/email id”
- “How to login to Experia / Customer Portal?”
- “Tell me my Customer Id”
- “Tell me about Flexi Loan”
- “Provide me my Fixed deposit details”
- “Send me my Fixed deposit receipt”

Steps to Check your Pre-approved Offer

Check your Bajaj Finserv pre-approved offers from Bajaj BLU in these ways:

Step 1: Visit a product page, say Bajaj Finserv personal loan

Step 2: Click on BLU Chatbox

Step 3: Select ‘Pre-approved offers’

Step 4: Enter your 10-digit mobile number

Share other relevant details to check your pre-approved offer in just a few seconds

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Bajaj Finserv BLU ?

Bajaj Finserv BLU personal chat box. It helps users to avail quick and timely assistance and helps resolve queries related to their existing loan or other financial products. You can also find out about your current or previous relations with us. The chat service is available 24*7 and can be accessed from anywhere.

2. Is Bajaj Finserv BLU a real person?

No, Bajaj Finserv BLU is not a real person. It is digital chat support that is made available on our website and app to provide timely assistance to our customers. By simply prompting a query on the BLU chat box, you can expect to receive a solution in no time without waiting on customer support’s call.

3. Can I check my loan details with Bajaj BLU?

Yes, you can check your Bajaj Finserv loan details through BLU. You can ask to raise a request for a statement of account, find out about the next instalment, EMI due and other relevant details through the virtual assistant. You can also find out how to foreclose a loan and gain information about Flexi Loan right away.

4. Can I check my EMI Card details with Bajaj Finserv BLU?

Check Bajaj Finserv EMI Card details on BLU in these steps:

Step 1: Go to BLU chatbox

Step 2: Select ‘EMI Card’ from the available menu

Step 3: Select the most relevant option

Step 4: Enter your 10-digit mobile number that is registered with us to access the required information

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