How to talk to Bajaj Finance BLU on your Android device

You can do this in three simple steps:

Step 1: Launch Google Assistant on your device and say, “Talk to Bajaj Finance.” You will receive a welcome message from BLU to help you with your queries, and you will be asked to link your Bajaj Finance account details with Google. If your phone has Android version 6 or older, you can download the Google Assistant app from the Play Store or the App Store.

Step 2: Say “Yes” or select “Yes” from the suggestion chip.

Step 3: You will see a screen with a prompt to enter your mobile number. If your mobile number is already registered with Bajaj Finance, you will be asked to authenticate your profile with an OTP. Once successfully verified, you will receive a confirmation message from BLU.

It’s that easy. Follow these three steps and link your Bajaj Finance account to Google Assistant today.

What can you ask Google Assistant?

Here are a few sample queries that you can resolve with the help of BLU on Google Assistant:

  • “How do I log in to the customer portal?”
  • “What are the foreclosure charges?”
  • “How do I drawdown from my Flexi Hybrid loan?”
  • “How to change my bank account number?”
  • “I want to know how to get my interest certificate.”
  • “How to foreclose my loan?”
  • “How to part-prepay my Flexi loan?”
  • “Tell me the customer care number.”
  • “Tell me about the advantages of converting my term loan to a Flexi Hybrid loan.”