What is Health Insurance?

Health Insurance Definition

There is still some confusion among some people regarding what is health insurance. A health insurance is a form of legal agreement between a policy holder and an insurance company under which the latter agrees to pay the former for all the medical expenses incurred by him or her. The insurance company will either do this through cashless treatment or will reimburse the amount as per the bills. The insured person will also be liable to enjoy tax benefits on the premium paid towards the policy. To avail the policy, the insurance holder will have to regularly pay the premium to the insurance company and the company will pay the insured person when there is a medical expense to be borne, as per the terms and conditions of the policy. There is also a waiting period under which no claims would be entertained for a specific time period. Employers often provide health insurance to their employees but they often do not have a lot of coverage so a separate insurance policy is advised.