What is an evergreen loan

Read on to know the meaning of an evergreen loan, and how it works.
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08 August 2023

In the world of finance and lending, there exists a variety of loan structures tailored to different needs and circumstances. One such lending instrument is an evergreen loan, a unique financial arrangement that provides borrowers with a continuous line of credit without a fixed maturity date. This type of loan is particularly useful for instant financial purposes or to manage short-term cash flow fluctuations. Let us delve into the intricacies of evergreen loans and explore how they work.

What is an evergreen loan?

An evergreen loan, also known as a revolving credit facility, is a type of loan that functions as an open-ended credit line. Unlike traditional loans with fixed repayment terms, evergreen loans do not have a predetermined maturity date. Instead, borrowers have the flexibility to borrow, repay, and borrow again within the specified credit limit as long as they adhere to the terms and conditions set by the lender. One best example of this type of financing option is a credit card.

What are the types of evergreen loans?

There are two primary types: Evergreen demand loans and Evergreen term loans. Evergreen demand loans allow borrowers to draw funds up to a set limit at any time, while the lender can demand repayment with notice. Evergreen term loans function similarly, but borrowers must make regular interest and principal payments. Both loan types offer ongoing access to funds, making them useful for businesses with fluctuating cash needs. These loans are renewable indefinitely, providing flexibility but potentially leading to higher interest costs over time.

How do evergreen loans work?

Evergreen loans are designed to provide borrowers with a continuous source of funding that can be accessed whenever needed. Here is a breakdown of how these loans typically work:

  • Borrowing and repayment: The borrower can draw funds from the evergreen loan up to the established credit limit. These borrowed funds can be used for various purposes such as funding personal or operational expenses and addressing short-term financial gaps.
  • Interest and fees: The borrower is charged interest only on the outstanding balance of the evergreen loan. Additionally, some lenders may impose fees such as an annual maintenance fee or transaction fees for each draw from the credit line.
  • Minimum payments: Unlike traditional loans where fixed monthly payments are required, evergreen loans typically require borrowers to make minimum payments that cover the accrued interest and withdrawn amount. These payments contribute to reducing the overall debt.
  • Revolving structure: As the borrower repays the borrowed funds, the available credit balance increases in proportion. This revolving structure allows borrowers to repeatedly access and repay funds within the credit limit, making it an ideal option for managing fluctuating financial needs.
  • No fixed maturity date: The defining feature of an evergreen loan is its absence of a fixed maturity date. As long as the borrower adheres to the lender's terms and conditions and continues making minimum payments, the credit line remains open indefinitely.

Evergreen loans align with your short-term funding needs by providing access to smaller funds without a fixed maturity date.

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