What is covered under Maternity Health Insurance?

Maternity Coverage: Maternity Health Insurance in India to Cover Pregnancy

Maternity insurance is basically health insurance that covers pregnancy with an add-on maternity cover. When it comes to health insurance with maternity coverage, here’s what is usually covered:

- Expenses for hospitalization- There is coverage usually for both pre and post hospitalization costs. The former is covered till a month prior to being admitted while the latter is covered for 60 days post discharged. Room and nursing charges along with doctor/surgeon consultation charges are covered in addition to related costs.
- Delivery Costs- All costs linked to delivery are covered by maternity insurance plans for both normal and caesarean deliveries. The policies also have coverage for complications post-delivery.
- New-born coverage- Some policies also have coverage for the new-born in case of any critical illness that is contracted by the baby or any other congenital disease.

There are several expenses that are excluded from this coverage including regular check-up expenses throughout the pregnancy period, diagnostics tests prescribed by doctors during one’s pregnancy and vitamin and tonic expenses among others.