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Washing Machine Guide

Washing machine buying guide

Washing Machine Guide

Washing machines these days come laden with a lot of features and functionalities. Most machines come packed with features such as quick wash, protective rat mesh, child lock, hot wash/ temperature control, digital display and so on. Choosing the right one that meets your requirements can be a very time-consuming and tough task.

This washing machine buying guide helps make it easier to choose a washing machine.

Types of washing machines 

When buying a new washing machine, the first thing is to understand the 3 types of machines available. This buying guide will help you to find one that best matches your requirement.

Semi-Automatic washing machines

Semi-automatic washing machines

  • Separate tubs for washing and drying

  • Pause the machine to scrub clothes manually

  • Requires human intervention

  • Lesser power consumption

Top-load fully automatic washing machine

Top-load fully automatic washing machine

  • Easy to use

  • Economical

  • Consume less space and power

  • Fewer wash programs

Front-load fully automatic washing machine

Front-load fully automatic washing machine

  • Gentle on clothes

  • Able to handle larger loads

  • More wash programs and faster drum rotating speed

  • Advanced features like child lock, hot water supply, etc.

Tips for buying a washing machine

Washing machine tips to find out which one is the best for you

Type of washing machine Opt if you are
Semi-automatic washing machine On a tight budget and are prioritising energy saving
Top-load fully automatic washing machine Looking for great value for money
Front-load fully automatic washing machine If you are looking for the best wash quality and convenience


Washing Machine Guide

How to determine the best capacity washing machine for your home 

Washing machine capacity typically ranges from 5 to 10 kilograms worth of load per wash cycle. Depending on the amount of laundry load of your home, you can decide on the best suited machine. However, one thing to keep in mind is that higher the capacity, the more water and power is consumed by them.

  • Capacity

    Number of clothes

    Ideal family size

  • 6 – 6.5 kg

    1 bed sheet
    2 shirts
    2 jeans
    2 small towels
    2 pillowcases

    Bachelor or couples

  • 7 kg

    3 shirts
    3 jeans
    1 bed sheet
    2 small towels
    2 pillowcases

    3-4-member small family

  • 8 kg

    4 shirts
    3 jeans
    1 bedsheet
    3 small towels
    3 pillowcases

    4-5-member family

  • 10 kg and more

    3 shirts
    3 jeans
    2 bedsheet
    6 small towels
    6 pillowcases

    Large Indian family with 5 plus members.

Check the wash programs in your washing machine 

Regular, normal or cotton

This is meant for your everyday fabric. It removes stains and dirt from cottons, linen, bedsheets, towels, shirts, jeans, underclothes, etc.

Delicate or hand wash

This is meant for delicate fabric. It gently washes fabrics like silk, wool or anything that has a gentle wash on the tag.

Fast or Quick wash cycle

This is meant for small load of lightly soiled clothes. It has a faster spin speed, that washes and dries quickly. It is generally a 30 minutes cycle.

Outdoor or Sport Cycle

This wash type is suitable for fabrics that are breathable, waterproof or windproof.

Permanent Press

This is a much milder version than the regular wash cycle. The temperature in being lower makes it more gentle on your clothes.

Wool Cycle

It is meant to be used for woollen garments. The load is typically very less in this cycle. It washes the clothes gently and on lower water temperature.

Baby Care

This wash cycle is suitable for washing baby’s clothes. It ensures that no detergent residue is left on clothes and they remian odour and bacteria free


Features to look for when you’re buying a new washing machine 


The higher the RPM, the faster it rotates to remove water from clothes. It is especially useful during monsoon season.

Fuzzy logic

This feature automatically manages wash cycle, water temperature, spin and rinse speed.

Quick wash

It gives one the option to wash their laundry quickly. Depending on the machine, it can wash and dry clothes in 15 to 30 minutes.

Bubble wash

Bubbles produced help to go deeper into the fabric for a better quality wash

Temperature control

Most machines have 3 temperature options for washing. Cold: For fabrics that are delicate, Warm: for everyday wash and Hot: Hot wash for hard stains

LCD/LED Display

Some machines come equipped with displays that convey information such as time left till cycle completion and washing stage.

Time delay

Time delay is a great feature for those who want to customise their washing time. It helps delay washing up to 0 to 24 hours.

Extended warranty

Once you’ve identified the washing machine of your choice, ensure that it comes with a good after-sales service. If you can, do opt for additional warranty too. Read on to know how these 2 factors can help you.

  • With all defects and malfunctions covered, use your device for longer
  • At-home service by professional technicians
  • Help you to lower additional costs/expenses

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