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Used Car Finance with Hybrid Flexi Facility

Finance your purchase of a pre-owned vehicle easily with a used car loan from Bajaj Finserv. Get a high value loan for your car, and repay it comfortably over a long tenure. With the unique Flexi Hybrid facility, you can also get the option to pay up to 50% lower EMIs, making the loan even more affordable.

Used Car Finance with Hybrid Flexi Facility: Features and Benefits

  • Money-in-bank

    High loan value

    Purchase the pre-owned vehicle you want easily with a loan that covers up to 90% of the car’s value.

  • Money-in-bank

    Long repayment tenure

    Pay back the loan in affordable EMIs over a convenient tenure that can range up to 60 months.

  • Money-in-bank

    Flexible repayment options

    Get added flexibility on your vehicle loan with the Flexi Hybrid feature, which gives you the option to lower your EMIs by up to 50% when compared to EMIs on a regular term loan.

  • Money-in-bank

    Unlimited deposits and withdrawals

    Get a line of finance from which you can borrow what you need, when you need it. Part-prepay when you have surplus funds and withdraw again, at nil charges. Get anytime anywhere banking with the Experia app.

  • Money-in-bank

    Pay Interest on Utilized Amount only

    Reduce your cash outflow and manage finances better by paying Interest only on the utilized amount.

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