Reasons for using a loan repayment calculator before taking a personal loan

Use a loan repayment calculator to evaluate your repayment schedule and take a well-informed borrowing decision.
Reasons for using a loan repayment calculator before taking a personal loan
5 min read
11 July 2023

Personal loans have grown in popularity among individuals seeking funds for large purchases, unexpected expenses, debt consolidation, and a variety of other personal financial needs. However, it is essential to evaluate multiple factors, such as loan tenure, repayment amount, and interest rate before obtaining a personal loan. After all, getting a personal loan can have a large impact on one's way of life and spending patterns.

A very practical method of determining whether a personal loan is the right choice is by using a loan repayment calculator.

What is a loan repayment calculator?

A loan repayment calculator essentially operates as an EMI calculator. This digital tool makes it easier for borrowers to calculate the specifics of a personal loan repayment. It provides accurate monthly payment calculations for customers based on key variables such as loan amount, interest rate, and loan tenure.

What are the reasons for using a personal loan repayment calculator?

  • Provides accurate results
    It is easy to make errors when making manual calculations, and they can have a negative impact on your monthly budget. By using a loan repayment calculator, you can obtain accurate and error-free results.  It employs a formula that includes the principal amount, loan tenure, and interest rate as inputs. By utilising a loan repayment calculator, you eliminate the possibility of incorrect calculations and can proceed with financial planning and decision-making with absolute surety.
  • Enables clever planning
    A loan repayment calculator can be used to plan your monthly payments, create a budget, and determine how much of your income can be used to pay the EMIs. As a result, you will have the flexibility to change your spending strategy, avoid making pointless purchases, and make sure you have enough money each month to pay your EMIs. By making this choice, you will be able to borrow only the amount that you can repay without using up all your funds.
  • Saves time
    Using a loan repayment calculator can significantly cut down on the time and work required to calculate your loan repayment amount. The loan amount, repayment period, and interest rate can all be entered into the calculator's respective fields to swiftly compute your monthly EMIs. This rapid process gives you accurate findings in just a few seconds. You can correctly determine your EMIs as per your repayment capability using the personal loan repayment calculator.
  • Lowers the risk
    A loan repayment calculator can help you avoid financial inconsistencies. For instance, if EMIs are manually calculated, the effect of compound interest on a loan can be missed. But since an EMI calculator considers the loan's compound interest, the results are accurate. A  loan repayment calculator can help you structure your spending plan and make sure that you will not be caught off guard by unplanned financial obligations.

We offer a variety of different tools on our website, one of them is the repayment calculator, which is also known as the personal loan EMI calculator. The personal loan EMI calculator only needs you to enter the loan amount you wish to borrow, the interest rate, and the tenure to calculate your monthly instalments and choose the loan amount that best fits your ability to make repayments.


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