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Personal Trip Liability Cover

While traveling can be an exciting experience, it is wise to stay prepared for unforeseen circumstances that can impede your plans or result in financial losses. Personal Trip Liability Coverage offered by Bajaj Finserv provides financial coverage against expenses incurred by you, towards any third party, during your trip.

Plan Details

With Personal Trip Liability Coverage, get sum insured up to Rs. 1 lakh at just Rs. 149 per annum. You can choose to make the payment from any of the preferred online payment modes.

Coverage for financial liabilities on trip

With Trip Liability Coverage, get coverage for liabilities, with respect to:
- Accidental bodily injuries to third parties
- Property damages to third parties

  • What’s Covered

    Here's what's covered under this policy.

  • Coverage for liabilities

    When the entire cost of the passenger fare(s) of your trip are charged, during the policy period of your personal Trip Liability Coverage, you will be covered for liabilities in respect of accidental bodily injury and property damages to third parties under Trip Liability Coverage.

  • What’s not Covered

    Here are some of the exclusions under the plan:

  • Longer travel time

    Any loss or damage occurred during a travel time that was longer than 31 days will not be covered

  • Operation or ownership of motorcars

    Losses occurred while operating or due to ownership of any motorcars or motor-driven machines, sailing or motor boats, and/or aircraft will not be covered.

  • Communicable disease

    Losses resulting from a communicable disease are not covered in Personal Trip Liability Coverage.

  • Influence of alcohol or drugs

    Losses or damages that occurred under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or narcotics, and medicines which have not been prescribed by a doctor will not be covered.

  • Participating or competing in dangerous sports

    Losses or damages suffered due to competing or participating in competitive/dangerous sports that include but are not limited to mountaineering, boxing, polo, parachuting, gliding, and/or underwater diving using personal breathing apparatus will not be covered.

  • Assumptions

    You assume under any agreement contract.

Trip Liability Coverage: Terms and Conditions

Here’s a look at the terms and conditions of the plan:

For a covered trip, the coverage begins when you leave your place of residence to commence the trip and shall terminate with whichever of the following occurs first:

   a) Time taken to return to your place of residence on completion of your trip; or
   b) Expiry of policy

In any event, coverage will not begin for more than 24 hours prior to the booked departure time and will cease to exist only 24 hours after your actual return time.

With respect to a one-way trip, the coverage will terminate with whichever of the following occurs first:

   a) Time taken by a covered common carrier arrives at its destination; or
   b) Expiry of policy

Completion of necessary documents
You shall complete and return any necessary documents including but not limited to claim forms, police reports, demands, notices, and any other documents we may ask you to provide.

Return of necessary documents
The claims form and accompanying documents must be returned to us within 3 days of making the original claim. You’d need to provide:
• Incident report
• Police report (if any)
• Full details of the injured third party – age, nationality, occupation etc.
• Any medical or investigation reports
• Copy of internal investigation report regarding the incident
• Whether any formal claim has been received from the injured third party

Police report
Police report needs to be filed within 6 hours of incident.

How to Apply

Here are the steps to apply for the plan:

  • Log on to our website
  • Fill the online application form with the required personal details
  • Make the premium payment online

Contact us

For queries related to the policy, please write to us on email at

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