On what kind of gold assets can I get a loan

Unlock the value of your gold assets by obtaining a loan. Find out which gold items you can submit as collateral.
Gold Loan
2 minutes
18 Dec 2023

Our gold loan offers a hassle-free application process and transparent evaluation, making it a convenient option for your financial needs. But before you apply, it is important to know which gold items you can submit to ensure a quick loan approval.

As this is a secured loan, the amount you can get depends on the value of your asset. Before you apply, learn about what you can submit for collateral, what you cannot, and how your assets will be valued.

What collateral can you submit?

You can submit any gold jewellery as collateral against the loan. The only condition that must be met is that the jewellery should be of at least 18-22 karat purity.

How will it be valued?

After submitting your online application, you will be scheduled for an appointment at our nearest gold loan branch. Your gold jewellery will be weighed, and the value will be determined using that day's gold market rates.

Your loan offer, however, will not be the full value of your jewellery. The maximum loan amount that you can obtain is 75% of the total value of your gold. The RBI has established this capping as an industry standard.

What items should you avoid submitting as collateral?

We do not accept jewellery that is made of mixed metals, such as gold and platinum or gold and silver, as collateral. Additionally, your jewellery must be of 18-22 karats.

We do not accept other objects such as gold bullions, coins, ingots, idols, and utensils as collateral either.

What happens in case my jewellery has gemstones?

As the loan is given only against gold, any diamonds or other gemstones that are part of your jewellery will not be considered as an asset. You can still get a loan against such jewellery, but the amount you are offered will not include the value of the gemstones on it.

Now that you know how easy it is to get a gold loan, simply click on the 'Apply' button right here on your screen to get started. Additionally, you have the option to visit any of our branches with your gold jewellery at your convenience.


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