How to download your Fixed Deposit receipt

Here’s how you can download your FD receipt from our app and website.
Fixed Deposit
3 mins
01 April 2024

Fixed deposits (FDs) are widely considered to be one of the safest investment options available today. And one of the most important documents related to your investment is the Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR).

But what is your Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR)? Let’s take a look:

The Fixed Deposit Receipt is a document issued to you on booking your fixed deposit. It acts as proof of investment and contains important details such as the deposit amount, tenure, interest rate and maturity date.

While you can access this information online – on our app and on our website – you also receive a physical copy of the FDR. This is emailed to your registered residential address.

How to access your FDR?

Accessing your FDR is easy. You can access this information by visiting the My Relations section on our app or downloading it from our customer portal – My Account.

Accessing your FDR on our app:

  • Visit the My Relations section of the app
  • From the ongoing FDs, choose the one you want to access the FDR for
  • Find all your statements including your TDS, Interest certificate and your FDR
  • Download the FDR or share it using any of your preferred means

Accessing your FDR on our website:

  • Sign-in to My Account with your mobile number and OTP
  • Verify your identity by entering your date of birth
  • Visit the 'Document Centre' section of the portal
  • Select your ongoing FD from your list of investments
  • Click on 'Fixed Deposit Receipt' to download

Alternatively, you can directly download your Fixed Deposit Receipt.


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