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Best Investment Options for a Salaried Person

Investment ideas for a salaried person

We’ve always heard about the importance of savings, for securing our futures and ensuring a better future. However, with a steady rise in cost of living indices, juggling between expenses and savings can become quite challenging.

Setting aside some funds from your salaries each month is not enough in today’s world. There is a need to multiply your savings, so you can cater to your expenses. Hence, investments are a prerequisite for every salaried person.

Here’s a look at some rewarding investment options that can help you grow your money effectively:

  • Tax Free Bonds

    Issued by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) and Power Finance Corporation (PFC), these investment options by the Government can be used to build the country’s infrastructure. This money is locked for 15 years and you can get high returns each year. You can get surplus money after 15 years, and enjoy tax savings too!

  • Pension Plan

    National Pension Scheme

    This mostly ignored investment option is a defined contribution-based pension system launched by Government of India. You can contribute regularly towards your pension account during your working life. Hence, when you retire, you can withdraw a lump sum amount of your corpus and divert the remaining to buy an annuity, which helps you secure regular income post retirement.

  • Gold ETF

    With gold prices increasing steadily, you can consider investing in gold without even having to take its physical custody. You can buy them from the market in small amounts. They are easy to buy and sell, and you need not pay any making or handling charges.

    However, the best option for investing is to opt for Fixed Deposits by Bajaj Finance, where you can enjoy a hassle-free experience along with greater control on your investments. You can expect assured returns and flexible tenors, which enables you to take complete charge of your investments and the returns you can get from there.

    With cumulative compounding, you can look for higher returns, and ladder your FD investments for higher liquidity. You can start investing with just Rs. 25000 and watch your investments grow over time.

    Any doubt? Read Bajaj Finance Reviews or directly contact Bajaj Finance Customer Care to get instant solution.

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