Investment ideas for better returns

Investments have always helped increase financial security, so you can save more money and secure your future. They enable you to put your money to work, and enjoy higher returns on them. When seeking greater returns, you can choose options based on tenor, risk appetite, liquidity and taxation point of view.

There is a wide array of options, when it comes to Investment for better returns. However, due to a higher risk factor, choosing the best investment option for stable returns can get difficult. Hence, you must invest smartly and choose an investment option as per your risk appetite.

Here’s a lowdown on the best investment ideas for better returns.

  • Public Provident Funds – For a safe and secure long-term investment, choose to invest in Public Provident Funds (PPFs). However, your investment gets locked for 5 years, which is why you cannot withdraw your investment until the 6th year.
  • Mutual Funds – You can invest in stock markets through mutual funds, via Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs). These returns would help you gain higher returns, when compared to any other investment option.
  • Direct Equities – You can also look for direct equities or share purchases. Gain higher returns on your investments, especially if you keep them for a longer time. Though the returns shares tend to fluctuate, depending on a multitude of different factors, you usually gain higher returns with these investments.
  • Government Bonds – If you’re not comfortable with the idea of investments in equities or mutual funds, consider investing in Government bonds. These bonds could help you with a high rate of return on your investments.

However, if you’re looking to balance risk and returns, consider investing in Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits. You can look for greater returns, along with stability and security with these investments.

With these fixed deposits, you can have greater control on your investments, as you can choose the tenor and interest payout frequencies.

Make a smart decision, and start investing in Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits. You can open multiple fixed deposits and ladder them so that you can enjoybetter liquidity as well.

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