Mobile Protection Plans for Samsung Smartphones

Samsung mobile screen protection: Protect your phone from screen damage, even after your warranty expires.
Mobile protection plans for Samsung smartphones
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Samsung is one of the most popular brands for android users and with recent high-tech devices, it has gone further to entice the customers. However, we should not forget such high-end and technology-packed smartphones can be expensive to repair and replace. Thus, it is wise for individuals to buy mobile protection plans that cover any liquid or accidental damages caused to the smartphone. The CPP Mobile Protect offered by CPP Group India comes with a host of benefits to safeguard your mobile device against damage, theft, loss and more.

You can avail of two plans offered under the CPP Mobile Protect for your Samsung device

Both these plans offer complimentary Samsung mobile insurance. Here are the details of the plans:

CPP Mobile Device Protection Plan

  • Covers up to 100% of the smartphone replacement expense (liquid/accidental damage) for up to two instances in the plan term.

  • You can buy this plan within 60 days from the phone’s purchase date.

  • Available for smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

CPP Fonesafe Lite

  • Covers expenses for damages to the phone’s display for up to two instances in a single year.

  • This plan too must be bought within 60 days from the phone’s purchase date.

What is covered under the Samsung mobile protection?

Given below are the inclusions under the Samsung mobile protection plan:

  • Get assistance from authorised technicians and get coverage for repair costs.
  • Option for hassle-free battery replacement.
  • Get coverage against accidental damage of your Samsung device.
  • You can make up to two claims for repair or replacement within a span of 2 years and benefit from a low deductible per claim.

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What is not covered under the Samsung mobile protection?

The Samsung mobile protection plan is an excellent way to protect your smartphone against risks and damages. However, it is crucial to understand what is not covered under the plan. Here are some things that are not covered under Samsung mobile protection:

  • Intentional damage or misuse
  • Damage caused by unauthorised repairs or alterations
  • Lost or stolen phones
  • Damage caused by natural disasters
  • Cosmetic damage such as scratches and dents
  • Normal wear and tear, and gradual deterioration of the phone due to regular use

It is essential to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the Samsung mobile insurance plan before purchasing it online to make sure you get the full protection you require.

Application and membership fee for mobile protection plan

To apply for a CPP Mobile Protect plan, you only need to fill up the online application form and pay the premium via UPI, debit/credit card, net banking, or mobile wallet.

Have a quick look at the membership fees of the mobile protection plan.

Device Price Range (in Rs.) CPP Mobile Protect with complimentary mobile device insurance (in Rs.) CPP Fonesafe Lite with complimentary mobile screen insurance (in Rs.)
6,000-9,999 1,212 649
10,000-11,999 1,612 899
12,000-14,999 2,137 1,099
15,000-19,999 2,137 1,099
20,000-24,999 2,787 1,499
25,000-29,999 2,787 1,499
30,000-34,999 3,812 1,999
35,000-39,999 3,812 1,999
40,000-49,999 4,912 2,599
50,000-59,999 5,612 2,999
60,000-69,999 5,612 2,999
70,000-99,999 6,212 3,599
More than 1 lakh 6,212 3,599
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The entire buy journey for these plans is paperless and you can fill in your device details in the online application form. The coverage and premium will accordingly be calculated.

Meet your everyday needs with pocket-friendly plans

Bajaj Finance offers more such budget-friendly insurance and subscription plans starting at just Rs. 19. You can choose from over 300 plans, including coverage for accidents, critical illnesses, card fraud protection, road trips, mobile screen damage, seasonal illnesses, and more.

You can get specific products to get protection for your mobile phones, be it screen damage or an extended warranty. While screen protection plans start at just Rs. 649, the annual premium for mobile extended warranty plans starts at Rs. 699. You must go through the exclusions and inclusions under each to get coverage details about these plans.

Benefits of buying the mobile protection plan for Samsung smartphone

Here are some of the offerings under the plan that planholders can benefit from:

F-Secure Device Security

The plan holder can install the F-Secure SAFE Mobile App and get a variety of security features like:

  • Antivirus and anti-malware protection
  • SIM card lock (locks phone upon SIM removal)
  • Malicious website protection
  • Remote data wipe and device lock
  • IMEI registration and SIM blocking
  • Remote GPS device location tracker
  • Auto-scan downloaded apps
  • Theft coverage plan
  • Scream alarm – set off an alarm if the device is misplaced
  • SIM card change – send SMS and location to a trusted contact

Single number assistance

For any smartphone protection benefits-related assistance, you can simply call the customer care at 1860-258-3030, from 11 am to 9 pm.

Temporary smartphone replacement service

In case someone steals your mobile device, you can get a temporary mobile phone delivered at your doorstep. The facility is available at select cities across India and valid for up to 7 days. To place a request, the planholder needs to call at the customer care centre.

Following are some key specifications that you must know for availing of a temporary mobile phone:

  • Free temporary mobile device delivery to the planholder’s office or home within 24 hours.
  • The planholder is accountable for all data on said temporary device and must delete all data before handing it back to CPP.
  • CPP can take appropriate legal action against the plan holder if they do not return the temporary mobile phone within 7 days.

The plan also offers all-access Zee5 Subscription, Gaana Plus subscription, and Sony Liv subscription for one year

Deductibles applicable in a Samsung mobile protection plan

Based on the price of the mobile device, there is a standard deductible for each claim unless updated by the service provider and stated in the membership document. Below is the details of the deductibles.

Handset Value (in Rs.) CPP Mobile Protect with complimentary mobile device insurance (in Rs.) CPP Fonesafe Lite with complimentary mobile screen insurance (in Rs.)
6,000-11,999 750 500
12,000-19,999 1,000 500
20,000-29,999 1,250 500
30,000-39,999 1,500 1,000
40,000-49,999 2,000 1,000
50,000-69,999 3,000 1,000
More than 70,000 3,500 1,000


The claim is processed based on the device's depreciated value, which depends on the duration of usage.

Below table illustrates the depreciation value against your used phone.

Phone age Depreciation %
0 - 3 months 15
3 - 6 months 25
6 - 12 months 35/50

Below is the list of Samsung models covered under the CPP Mobile Protect plan.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Samsung Galaxy S22
Galaxy M31 Galaxy M51 Galaxy Z Fold2 5G
Galaxy F41 Galaxy Note20 Galaxy Note20 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy A7 Samsung Galaxy M30s Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung Galaxy A30 Samsung M 40 Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Samsung Galaxy A50 Samsung M30 Samsung Galaxy Note 10
Samsung Galaxy A80 Samsung Galaxy S8 Samsung Galaxy A8 Star
Samsung J7 prime Samsung Galaxy S9 Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Samsung Galaxy S10 Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Frequently asked questions

How do I claim a warranty on a Samsung phone?

To claim a warranty for Samsung insurance, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the phone's warranty card or proof of purchase.
  2. Contact Samsung's customer service or visit a Samsung service centre.
  3. Provide the phone's serial number and the reason for the warranty claim.
  4. Follow any additional instructions provided by Samsung.
How do I claim accidental damage on a Samsung phone?

To claim accidental damage on Samsung, you need to contact Samsung’s customer service and inform them about the issue. You may need to provide details like your device model, purchase date, and incident details. Depending on their policies, they may offer repair or replacement options for your device. If you are subscribed to CPP Mobile Protect, you can reach out to the service provider (CPP) to claim benefits in case of accidental damage to the device.

Does Samsung one year warranty cover cracked screens?

With the CPP mobile screen protection plan, you can get coverage against any damage to your Samsung phone screen. You must go through the detailed policy wording before purchasing the mobile protection plan.

Is screen replacement free under warranty?

Screen replacement is usually not free under warranty. If the screen damage is due to a defect or error in the manufacturing process, it may be covered under warranty.

What does a Samsung phone protection plan cover?

Samsung protection covers accidental damage, liquid damage, and mechanical malfunctions of your Samsung phone. The coverage may vary based on the specific plan you choose. However, it generally covers damages such as a cracked screen, water damage, and charging port issues.

Can I get Samsung protection after purchase?

Yes, you can buy Samsung Protection for your phone after purchase. However, the eligibility of purchasing protection may depend on the age and condition of your phone.

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