Steps to check your vehicle insurance status online

Know how you can conveniently check your car and two-wheeler insurance status online.
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All car and two-wheeler insurance policies have definitive validity durations. Thus, it is prudent for the policyholder to check the car insurance and renew the policy on time. If you miss renewing or buying the policy, you might lose the benefits of the insurance policy, resulting in claims getting rejected. Additionally, driving/riding a vehicle without having insurance coverage can have severe legal repercussions too.

Policyholders can easily check their car insurance policy status online and avoid missing the policy renewal date. Also, policyholders renewing their two-wheeler or four-wheeler insurance policy on time get benefits such as a No Claim Bonus.

Read on to know how long your vehicle insurance policy stays valid. Also, know the different ways to check car insurance status online.

Validity of a car insurance policy

Every car insurance policy has a fixed validity. Generally, car insurance policies come with a validity of at least one year. However, if you bought a new car, you may have to buy a long-term car insurance policy. According to the new rules, every new car owner must have a car insurance policy of three years validity.

When the policy expires, you will have to renew the car insurance policy without fail. So, to ensure you do not miss the policy expiry date, keep a reminder, and check the vehicle insurance status online. This time you can choose to buy a car insurance policy online with one-year validity.

Importance of checking car insurance online

Keeping track of the status of the vehicle insurance policy is important. Driving without a valid insurance policy on Indian roads may attract legal action against you. As the Motor Vehicles Act mandates every vehicle owner to have at least a third-party insurance policy. With insurers offering digital services today, checking details of car insurance online has become convenient. You can easily get all the details and know the status of your vehicle insurance policy on the insurer’s website or app (if any).

Know why you must check your car insurance status online.

  • It helps you keep a check on the validity of vehicle insurance, so you do not miss renewing the policy on time.
  • You continue to stay covered against financial liabilities arising out of accidents. Also, stay covered from damages caused by natural or man-made activities.
  • You avoid paying a penalty for driving without a valid insurance policy. In some cases, your licence may get confiscated. Checking the two-wheeler insurance status online saves you from these unnecessary hassles.

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How to check car insurance validity?

Car insurance is one of the most important investments that you can make as a car owner. But what happens if you're not sure whether or not your car insurance is valid? The good news is that checking car insurance validity is easy – simply do an online check. Most insurance providers offer this service on their websites.

You'll simply need to enter your policy details, and you'll know whether or not your insurance is valid. Regularly checking your car insurance online means that you can avoid any potential trouble in the event of an accident or emergency.

Different ways to check the status of vehicle insurance online

Here is a list of commonly used websites to check vehicle insurance status online.

  • Parivahan Sewa
  • RTO (where you have registered the vehicle)
  • mParivahan app
  • IIB portal
  • Bajaj Finance Insurance Mall

To get accurate information and updates about vehicle insurance status, check your insurer’s official website. You may also contact the insurer to know the car insurance status.

How to check vehicle insurance status online?

Below are the steps to check car insurance status online:

Step 1: Visit the official website of the insurance provider.
Step 2: Enter the policyholder’s contact details and information of the vehicle insurance policy.
Step 3: Check the car insurance status.
Individuals can also check the status of vehicle insurance policies on the government websites, such as Parivahan Sewa and their respective RTO.

Steps to check vehicle insurance policy status through Parivahan Sewa website

Checking your vehicle insurance status online on the Parivahan Sewa website is one of the quickest and easiest ways to check. Follow these steps to check the insurance status online on Parivahan Sewa:

Step 1: Visit Parivahan Sewa’s official website.
Step 2: Navigate to the menu bar and select ‘Informational Services’.
Step 3: From the drop-down list, click on ‘Know Your Vehicles Details’.
Step 4: VAHAN, national register e-services webpage opens.
Step 5: Log in with your registered contact number.
Step 6: Enter the verification code and the vehicle registration number.
Step 7: Click on ‘Search Vehicle’ and check the insurance status with the vehicle number.
Step 8: Check the displayed car insurance policy and details.

Steps to check vehicle insurance policy status through VAHAN portal

Here’s how to check your vehicle insurance status on VAHAN.

Step 1: Visit the VAHAN e-services website and click on the ‘Know your vehicle details’ tab at the top of the page.
Step 2: Enter your car registration number and code for verification.
Step 3: Click on the ‘Search vehicle’ option that will appear on the screen.
Step 4: Check the vehicle insurance status online.

The process to check vehicle insurance status online on the RTO website

The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 states that all vehicle owners must register their cars under their respective Regional Transport Office (RTO). The below steps will help you know how to check your vehicle insurance status online on the RTO website:

Step 1: Visit the state transport office’s official website.
Step 2: Search ‘Online Services for Citizens’.
Step 3: Click on ‘Vehicle-related Online Services’.
Step 4: Click on ‘VAHAN Citizen Services’.
Step 5: Enter the RTO branch details where you have registered the vehicle.
Step 6: Navigate to the menu bar and select ‘Status’.
Step 7: Click on ‘Know Your Vehicle Details’.
Step 8: Enter the vehicle registration, chassis, and engine number.
Step 9: Solve and enter the CAPTCHA code along with the requisite details.
Step 10: You will get the details of your vehicle insurance policy, so now you can easily check your vehicle insurance status online.

Check car insurance details on the mParivahan app

Here’s how you can check the insurance status using the mParivahan app.

Step 1: Install the mParivahan app on your mobile phone or tab.
Step 2: Choose the language that you would like to get the instructions on the app.
Step 3: On clicking on the ‘Continue’ button, a dashboard will open giving you two options to check your insurance status.
Step 4: You can check the vehicle insurance status with your car registration number or driving licence. Click on the ‘Search’ button.
Step 5: You will have to sign in with your registered mobile number and check the insurance status.

Steps to check vehicle insurance policy status through IIB portal

Follow the below steps to check your vehicle insurance status on IIB portal.

Step 1: Log in to the Insurance Information Bureau (IIB) website.
Step 2: Go to ‘Quick Links’ and click on ‘V-Seva’. ‘Accident Vehicle Information Retrieval System’ page will open.
Step 3: Fill in your personal details. Share your name, address, mobile number, and email ID. Also, provide your vehicle registration number.
Step 4: Submit the details. If you have already registered your vehicle on the IIB portal, you can then easily check insurance status online.

Steps to check car insurance status offline

You can also check the status of your car insurance policy offline through the following ways.

  • Visit the insurer’s branch office to check the vehicle insurance status.
  • You can also contact the third-party administrator through whom you bought the insurance policy.
  • Visit the respective RTO office where you have registered your vehicle. Provide the vehicle registration number and know the details.

What is the process to check the bike insurance expiry date offline?

To check your bike insurance expiry offline, you can call your insurance provider and ask for the policy details. Alternatively, you can visit the insurance provider’s office/branch or the RTO to check the vehicle insurance status. It is important not to let your policy expire as it can lead to legal complications and hefty fines. Keep track of your insurance policy and renew it before it expires to stay on the safe side.

Set a reminder before your vehicle insurance policy expires, you renew the policy in time. Insurance providers also send reminders 30 days before the policy expiry date.

Insurance providers usually offer a grace period. So, even if you miss renewing your insurance policy before the expiry date, you can stay worry-free. You get a chance to renew the policy around this time without losing on your benefits. You cannot raise claims if your policy lapses.

Frequently asked questions

How to check vehicle insurance status online?

You can check the vehicle insurance status online in multiple ways. Visit the VAHAN or IIB websites to check the insurance status. You can also check on the Parivahan Seva and RTO portals to know the car insurance status.

Why is checking the vehicle insurance status important?

You must check the status of your vehicle insurance to know its validity. Driving without a valid car insurance policy can get you into legal issues. You will have to pay a fine or your driving licence can also get confiscated. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, every car owner must at least have a valid third-party car insurance policy.

Also, you cannot claim any benefits if your policy lapses. You will have to pay for the damages caused to your vehicle or third party.

You can easily check your vehicle insurance status online on your respective insurer’s website. Also, on VAHAN, IIB, Parivahan Seva, and RTO portals.

What information do I need to check to know if I have vehicle insurance or not?

If you have bought a new car, your car dealer will offer car insurance for three years. To know the validity of your car insurance after three years, you can simply check the insurance status online. Go to their insurer’s website or VAHAN, IIB, Parivahan Seva, or RTO portals.

Do I have to pay to check the vehicle insurance status?

No. You can check the vehicle insurance status online without any hassle. You simply need to visit your insurer’s website or VAHAN, IIB, Parivahan Seva, or RTO portals to check insurance validity.

What happens if I drive a vehicle without insurance?

You will have to pay a fine of Rs. 2,000 if caught driving without a valid car insurance policy. You could also get imprisoned for three months. The Motor Vehicles Act mandates every vehicle owner should at least have third-party insurance to drive legally on Indian roads.

How can I check my bike insurance details?

You can check your bike insurance details by logging on to your insurance provider's website or mobile app. Alternatively, you can call their customer service number to get the details.

How can I download my bike insurance copy?

You can download the bike insurance copy from the insurer’s website or app. You simply need to login to your account on the website/app and search for your policy with your registered mobile number or policy number or as asked on the portal. You can also find your bike insurance copy for download on the registered email ID. The insurer sends a copy of the policy document on email when purchased.

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