Pay for higher education with Insta Personal Loan

Manage the expenses of your child’s higher education with Insta Personal Loan
Pay for higher education with Insta Personal Loan
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28 Sep 2022

Finding the money to send your child for a higher education is never easy. In addition to the course fee, there are other charges including living expenses, travel expenses, and visa fees (if your child choose to study abroad). Additionally, there is the large expense of books. Such circumstances were taken into consideration when developing our Insta Personal Loan.

Here is why our Insta Personal Loan is the best option for paying for college expenditures.

Pre-approved offers: Our existing customers don’t need to complete an application to know how much loan you are going to get. This information is available to you by entering your mobile number and OTP.

Pre-assigned limits: New customers can also check for an insta loan offer. These offers come with pre-assigned limits. However, we may need additional documents to complete the loan process.

In the above cases, if you do not see an offer or need a higher loan amount than the pre-assigned limit, you have the option to go through our regular online application process that takes less than 5 minutes.

So what is the list of expenses that can be covered in our Insta Personal Loan?

1. Admission Confirmation fee
You have been making plans for your child to attend one of the top universities in the nation or overseas. The day is finally here, and you have your letter of admission. The delight of this accomplishment should not be diminished by the thought of the financial hardship of paying the admittance charge. You can check your Insta Personal Loan for higher education offer online and get the money in your bank in less than 4 hours in most cases.

2. Air tickets
Your child might be heading abroad to seek further education, like many others. The ticket could cost you around Rs. 1 lakh. Why take money out of your savings when you can opt for an Insta Personal Loan that is already pre-approved or pre-assigned for you.

You can use a variety of helpful tools on our website to determine your loan eligibility, check your credit score, learn the minimum wage requirement in your city, or use our calculator to compare different loan amounts and EMIs.

What are the Insta Personal Loan amounts offered for education expenses?

With a Bajaj Finserv Insta Personal Loan, you can borrow up to Rs. 12,76,500. There is no end-use restriction on Insta Personal Loan, so you can use it for various needs, including education expenses.

How to become eligible for an Insta Personal Loan for higher education expenses?

You do not need to check your Insta Personal Loan eligibility. Existing customers already have a pre-approved offer, while for new customers, we generate a pre-assigned limit by taking multiple criteria in account such as your credit score, repayment history and so on.

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