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4 Things Your Medical Insurance Doesn't Cover and What You Can Do About It

  • Highlights

  • Not all diseases and illness are covered under health insurance plans

  • Diagnostic expenses may not be covered under health policies

  • Manage all such costs with the Digital Health EMI Network Card

  • The card offers 800+ medical treatments across 5500+ partners

When it comes to financing medical costs, it is believed that health insurance is usually the best option to go with. In fact, most insurance policies extend adequate coverage for a range of costly medical procedures. However, what you should also be aware of is that not all treatments and costs are covered under these general policies. In many cases, procedures not covered by insurance are just as expensive as those that are. In such cases, your first move would be to use your savings or liquidate your investments. While the value of maintaining savings cannot be overstressed, what happens when a medical emergency crops up?

A smart solution in such times can be to use the Bajaj Finserv Digital Health EMI Network Card. Here, you get credit up to Rs.4 lakh and use it for treatment of any medical conditions at reputed healthcare centres on No Cost EMIs. This way you treat pre-existing conditions without depleting your savings and pay your medical bill in comfortable monthly instalments.

Here’s what is not covered in health insurance policies and what you can do to keep your finances healthy.

Benefits of Bajaj Finserv Digital Health EMI Network Card offers

1. Pre-Existing Medical Conditions or Diseases

Pre-existing conditions are a typical clause in most health insurance policies and something you should definitely watch out for. This is quite often the case with diabetes or blood pressure and getting medical treatment for them can be costly, especially without coverage. However, there are also instances where you do get coverage for such treatments, but only after a period of 24 to 48 months or at a much higher premium. This can make getting treatment under these policies unviable, especially if your condition is dire and you’re in urgent need of medical assistance.

Using the Digital Health EMI Network Card, you can address treatments not covered by health plans in easy EMIs. As an existing EMI Network Card holder, you can apply for a Digital Health EMI Network Card and get it now, with up to 4 times increased limit. All you need to do is pay the joining fees starting from Rs.589 to enjoy the benefits. As a new customer, you can get EMI financing at partner hospitals and health centres when you avail treatment there.

2. Pregnancy-Related and Cosmetic Treatments

Generally, treatments related with maternity are not part of health insurance plans. Even for a C-section, you may have to pay out of pocket. To get adequate coverage for delivery and post-delivery expenses, an additional insurance or rider is often required. Another line of treatment shunned by health insurance policies is cosmetic surgery. Deemed non-life-threatening, treatments such as liposuction, may require you to dip into your savings.

As you can see, these exclusions include expensive procedures. With the Digital Health EMI Network Card, you don’t have to worry about the immediate impact of large medical bills as you can access the pre-approved credit and repay your bills affordably over a flexible tenor. You can spread the EMIs over a tenor of up to 24 months and keep the cost of the procedures for these and other diseases not covered under Mediclaim policy within budget.

3. Diagnostic Expenses

While health insurances do cover treatment of specific diseases, what you may not get coverage for are the diagnostic procedures involved. This includes blood tests, CT scans, and other tests undertaken to identify your illness. These are expensive tests, especially with complicated diseases, and can leave you with a hefty bill in hand. However, with a Digital Health EMI Network Card, you convert the cost of such expenses into easy EMIs without any hassles as Bajaj Finserv’s partner ecosystem includes diagnostic centres. In fact, you can save more with offers like a 20% discount on diagnostic tests at Metropolis Labs till 31 December, 2020. All these offers are listed on the Bajaj Finserv Wallet app, where you can also access the Digital Health EMI Network Card.

4. Illnesses Arising Due to Substance Abuse

If there is evidence that a critical illness is caused due to substance abuse, such as excessive smoking or liquor consumption, you may not get financial assistance for treatment from your health plan. Paying out of pocket can leave a dent in your finances. While you can raise a dispute against this, there has to be a viable cause for you to get the funding. Once again, you can use the Digital Health EMI Network Card to tackle these with ease.

All these are treatments and diseases not covered under health insurance policies, which would otherwise require you to arrange for finances yourself. The Bajaj Finserv Digital Health EMI Network Card can help you tend to these obligations in a pocket-friendly manner. You can convert the cost of treatment or any other medical expense into easy EMIs without the need for any documents.

Further, the Digital Health EMI Network Card is a family card and you can use it anywhere in India, at any of the 5,500 partner healthcare institutions across 1000+ cities. These include everything from chemist stores and online pharmacies to multispecialty hospitals. What’s more, the Digital Health EMI Network Card also gives you access to offers that you can take advantage of. For instance, until 31 December 2020, you get up to 15% discount on purchases made at Apollo Pharmacy.

So, get started and arm yourself financially against the list of diseases not covered under health insurance. With healthcare on EMIs, you assure yourself of treatment even if your health policy proves insufficient. To begin today, check your pre-approved offer or apply online and have one less thing to worry about!

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