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How to Get a Monthly Income with an Investment of Rs.50 Lakh?

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  • Tenor ranging from 12 months to 60 months

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Saving money throughout professional life is one thing, and investing it in a beneficial and risk-averse avenue is another. If you’ve saved up a good amount from your earnings and income, say a total of Rs.50 lakh, you may be wondering how to put it to best use. While you have a variety of options at your disposal, every investment scheme comes with an inherent risk that is impossible to avoid.

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From equities to stocks and bonds, each option could lead to loss of money and result in an unprofitable investment at your end. Also, such investments can lead to your money becoming locked-in for a longer term, thus making it unavailable to you in times of need.

In case of an unforeseen emergency, you may be unable to withdraw your own money, which can lead to unnecessary stress. There is, however, a way to avert such unfavourable scenarios with planning and foresight.

The unmatched security of fixed deposits

When looking to invest Rs.50 Lakhs, fixed deposits by Bajaj Finance could be your best bet. Fixed deposits come with a host of different benefits, as given below:

1. Risk-free investment options

Some financing corporations offer company fixed deposits that come with the highly coveted ICRA’s MAAA (Stable) Rating, ensuring a reliable and profitable outcome for your investment.

2. Trustworthy investment

If you’re investing in a company FD, which yields higher returns compared to bank FDs, you may be worried. But with stability ratings of trusted agencies like CRISIL’s FAAA/Stable Rating, you can rest easy with the knowledge that your money is in good hands. After all, FDs are one of the most popular investment option in India, trusted by generations of Indians.

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3. Unaffected by volatility and market fluctuations

The interest rates on most other forms of investment rise and drop with alarming frequency based on market trends. Thus you usually cannot have certainty on whether the next change will reduce your investment’s value or increase it. Fixed deposits however always remain untouched by any form of volatility.

4.Fixed returns, for planning in advance

Fixed deposits guarantee stability, even if the economy is undergoing violent fluctuations. This means that you get a fixed interest on your investment, which you can calculate using a fixed deposit calculator much in advance.

5. Flexibility of time and withdrawal

Fixed deposits come with a tenor ranging from 12 months to 60 months, meaning you have the comfort of choosing a maturity period according to your own needs and requirements. You can also break your FD when you need urgent funds, or even take a loan against your FD in times of need. This makes your FD a flexible investment in many ways.

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Choose non-cumulative fixed deposits to keep your income flowing

Fixed deposits come with the option of cumulative or non-cumulative pay-outs. In the case of cumulative pay-out, your interest is payable after the tenor is complete and your FD reaches maturity. In this case your interest is compounded annually in addition to your principal amount.

Difference between Cumulative and Non Cumulative

Although this option attracts a higher interest rate for your investment as compared to non-cumulative fixed deposits, the drawback is that you can only obtain your principal and earned interest after maturity. Non-cumulative FDs offer you the chance to get interest pay-outs at chosen intervals, be it annually, quarterly or monthly.

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Make your Rs.50 lakh investment work for you

If you are looking to invest Rs.50 lakh in a way that allows you to have a monthly income, the safest option is the non-cumulative fixed deposit, which offers you the freedom of getting a monthly pay-out. This means that you can earn a considerable income on your investment every month! With the help of a fixed deposit calculator, you can deduce the exact amount you will receive with just a few clicks.
If you invest in Bajaj Finance’s non-cumulative fixed deposit investment scheme with a principal amount of Rs.50 lakh and a tenor of 12 months, you can earn an interest amount of Rs.3,76,500, which equals a monthly pre-tax income of Rs.31,375!
Choose FDs for risk-free investments, which help you make a monthly income that is safe and reliable. With Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits, you get high rates of interest and numerous other benefits.

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DISCLAIMER: The mentioned fixed deposit interest rates are indicative only, and may be subject to change periodically. Please check the interest rates on our website.

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