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How are Indian youngsters investing?

  • Highlights

  • High return investments preferred by youngsters

  • Mutual fund becoming a popular mode of investment

  • Funding future dreams with fixed deposits

  • ULIP as the insurance instrument of choice

As a country with one of the largest young population in the world and a booming economy, youngsters in India expect a brighter future. The young Indian Investor today shows an unprecedented degree of financial prudence.
Modern investment portfolios are increasingly becoming a blend of traditional investment options like Fixed deposits and more market-focused products like mutual funds. Let us read about this trend, in detail.

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Diverse Investment Options for Indian Youngsters

Since the mutual fund is managed by a professional money manager, the individual investor does not have to necessarily know a lot about the stock market to invest. They just need to provide the money. This is ideal for retail investors as it inculcates a disciplined savings habit.

Despite the growing popularity of products like mutual funds, traditional investment instruments like Fixed Deposits have not lost their flavour with the young Indian investor. This popularity is easily understandable as they promote disciplined savings and assured returns, irrespective of market conditions.

The aspirational and entrepreneurial Indian youth often banks on this savings instrument to finance a wide variety of dreams from a degree in higher education, to starting up a new business or marriage.

Youth and insurance

The modern Indian youth takes up a lot of responsibilities from an early age. However, once they’re married, their responsibilities increase, and they know the importance of life insurance. The modern Indian youth has remarkable awareness about various insurance products and their role in protecting the financial future of the loved ones.

Should you invest in Mutual Funds or Fixed Deposits?

Youth and stock market investments

Most Indian youngsters invest directly in the stock market as well. However, it is always recommended to have an in-depth knowledge of the market before venturing in as the performance of stock market depends on various macro and micro economic factors.
Thus, the youth of India are very aware of investment possibilities around them, and intelligent enough to know what is best for them.

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