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25 May 2021

A fixed deposit is a safe way to invest and get guaranteed returns so that you can meet your investment goals quickly. Investing in a fixed deposit involves setting aside a sum of money and a pre-determined interest rate. Thus, you can get guaranteed returns that get accumulated to your principal investment and growth over time.

Ensuring a high growth rate of investment is essential to find reliable FD providers so that you can maximise your returns quickly. The Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit offers lucrative returns of up to 7.45% p.a., along with flexible tenors and several other features. Find out how you can earn more from your Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit by reading further.

Interest rates of the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit scheme

This fixed deposit provides you with a high-interest rate so that you can generate more wealth. A higher interest rate means you can gain more from your FD investment in the future. It lets you take care of expenses like your child's education and supports you to buy various assets like property and jewellery.

The Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit offers higher interest rates for senior citizens, with options of flexible payouts.

You can also calculate your fixed deposit maturity amount and apply with an easy application process.

Guaranteed fixed returns with the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit

The Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit offers you fixed returns that are not dependent on market forces. Regardless of the market conditions, you will still receive the sum due to you. Also, this fixed deposit is rated MAAA (stable) by ICRA and FAAA (stable) by CRISIL and indicates that the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit is highly credible and secure.

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Invest in shorter tenors with the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit

You can easily select a short or long tenor ranging between 12 to 60 months based on your preference and in line with your investment plan. Choosing a long tenor lets your wealth grow over time. But, opting for a short tenor allows you to enjoy higher returns that beat inflation.

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These are a few ways the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit can help you make the most out of your savings. Besides this, the fixed deposit offers other features like online application, online fixed deposit management and carries a minimum investment amount of Rs. 15,000.

Bajaj Finance is now offering an attractive rate of interest up to 7.45% p.a.

*For senior citizens, on a cumulative scheme tenor of 44 months

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