Beware of Frauds

Beware of Frauds
3 min read
12 Apr 2023

Security Against Frauds

We make continuous efforts for preventing our firm’s network and systems from cyber threats and cyber incidents. We have devised policies and procedures which help us in implementation of cyber security. This, however, requires coordination and support from all the relevant stakeholders (Employees, partners, vendors and customers) alike.

How Frauds Happen?

Frauds begin with financial pressure or need at Fraudsters end, who next finds out an opportunity and rationalizes it. Most of the Frauds be it online or in-person, target consumers of financial services. Fraudsters may directly approach their target victims, or may lay a trap for victims to reach out to them.
Let us see next how these frauds happen "Via Customer Search" or "Via SMS/ Mail"

Via Customer Search

Step 1: Fraudsters create look-alike websites or social media handles or upload their contact details to become reachable via search engines

Step 2: Customer searches for Bajaj Finance/ Finserv details in search engine

Step 3: Search engines give both correct Bajaj Numbers and Fraudsters numbers. Similarly customer may also land on fake/ impersonating Bajaj Social Media handles/ forums

Step 4: Customer contact Fraudsters (who is waiting for victims) and conversation may convince customer for specific products

Step 5: Customer shares his PAN card, Address proofs etc and may also pay some fees asked by fraudster

Step 6: Customer gets nothing in return and may realize late that he is defrauded

Via SMS/ Mail

Step 1: Fraudsters gather customer's details to target

Step 2: Fraudster may send SMS with malicious links (which may download remote control apps like Any Desk)

Step 3: Fraudsters may also make calls and tell customer's about their personal and financial details with curated advise to gain trust

Step 4: Customer shares his PAN card, Address proofs etc and may also pay some fees asked by fraudster

Step 5: Customer gets nothing in return and may realize late that he is defrauded

How to Stay Safe?

  • Do not rely on search engine results to find our valid details. Reach out to us via options mentioned in
  • Check for verified blue tick on Facebook to identify official Bajaj interaction, and similar indicators in other Social media forums
  • Always keep your contact details updated with us
  • Check for spellings mentioned in website carefully and be careful of look-alike websites
  • Do not install apps like Any Desk for sharing your device access to unknown people
  • Reach out to your telecom operator in case your mobile number isn't working for long (SIM Swap Frauds)
  • Do not share your details or documents or do not transfer funds to unverified persons/ accounts. Bajaj finance never asks for advance payments for processing of loans
  • Always report suspected activity or frauds to us via
  • Do not click on Suspicious web links


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