Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Cover

Accidents are uncertain and unfortunate. So, get a cover for life’s unexpected events with Bajaj Finserv’s Personal Accident Insurance. Get a financial coverage against bodily injury, disability, or death caused due to accidents. Cover your hospital bills and get a hospital confinement allowance as a compensation for your loss of running income.

Features & Benefits

  • Stay financially secure

    Cover the financial liability arising due to a personal accident or an injury. Keep your savings intact by paying the medical expenses using the Personal Accident Insurance claim.

  • Medical expenses covered

    Get a reimbursement of up to 40% of valid claim amount or actual medical bills, whichever is less.

  • Hospital confinement allowance

    Your regular income is disturbed due to an accident? Receive Rs.1000/day allowance for up to 30 days of hospitalization.

  • Children education bonus

    Not just your medical expenses, but your children’s education fee is also covered under this insurance plan. In case of death or a permanent disability, get 10% of capital sum insured or get Rs.5000/child below the age of 19 years, whichever is less.

  • High disability compensation

    In case of a permanent total disability, get up to 125% compensation of the sum insured.

  • Claim-free bonus

    Get a cumulative bonus of 10 to 50% for every claim-free year.

  • Quick disbursals

    Get faster claim disbursals, processed within seven working days from the date of fulfilling all the requirements.

  • Family discounts

    Get a 10% discount on premium if you cover 2 or more family members in this plan.


If you are Bajaj Finserv’s loan customer you can easily get a Personal Accident Insurance. To apply for this plan, you need to be:

• Between the age of 18 to 65 years.
• Dependents must be between the age of 5 to 21 years.


Here are the major exclusions for a Personal Accident Insurance plan:

• War or terrorism-related injuries.
• Self-injury or suicide.
• Pre-existing injury or disability.
• Injury due to adventurous activities.
• Hospitalization for treatment of illness or disease.