Cancer Insurance

What Is Cancer Insurance?

Treating cancer can be more expensive than you might expect. A critical illness like cancer needs proper care and treatment. Having a cancer insurance plan in place can reduce the financial stress. It is a supplement to health insurance that covers critical illness like cancer.

Cancer insurance in India can cover medical expenses or loss of income due to a cancer disease. A cancer insurance offers coverage for medical costs associated with cancer diagnosis and treatment. The policy covers and pays for chemotherapy, hospitalisation, radiation and even surgery.

The following kinds of cancer are covered under a cancer insurance plan:
• Lung cancer
• Breast cancer
• Stomach cancer
• Prostate cancer
• Ovarian cancer
• Hypopharynx cancer

You can buy compare the plans online and buy the best cancer insurance policy available in India. Buying and renewing of cancer policy can be done online in a few easy steps.

Benefits of Taking a Cancer Insurance Policy

  • 1. Cancer insurance covers multiple stages of cancer-related expenses.
    2. Expenses related to diagnosis are also covered.
    3. If cancer is diagnosed, a lump sum amount is paid out.
    4. Premium can be waived off if cancer is detected at an early stage.
    5. Money is payable at various stages of cancer, like a minor, major or critical stage.
    6. Sum assured increases if no claims are made during a year.
    7. In case of major cancer illness, a monthly sum is paid out to bear the monthly expenses.
    8. Tax benefits are available for the premium paid.
    9. The policy cover for extensive medical treatment, expert medical advice, or to pay for the medicines.

Exclusions of Cancer Insurance

1. Skin cancer is not covered under this insurance plan.
2. Any cancer caused directly or indirectly by sexually transmitted diseases.
3. Cancer resulting from any pre-existing conditions is excluded. Cancer caused due to biological or nuclear contamination or contact with radiation is also excluded.