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04 Dec 2023

Discover a world of convenience and savings with BigBasket, your go-to online grocery destination. Offering a vast selection of fresh produce, pantry staples, and more, BigBasket ensures hassle-free shopping from the comfort of your home. Elevate your shopping experience with the exclusive BigBasket Gift Voucher, a perfect way to enjoy flat discounts on every purchase. BigBasket Gift Cards are a versatile present, unlocking a treasure trove of culinary delights. Perfect for any occasion, they grant access to a diverse array of fresh produce, pantry staples, gourmet treats, and home essentials. Experience the joy of seamless online shopping with BigBasket, coupled with the added advantage of redeeming your BigBasket Gift Card for extra savings. Elevate gifting by giving access to a paradise of products to your loved ones with the BigBasket Gift Cards and gift vouchers.

Trending BigBasket Gift Cards

Get trusted BigBasket Gift Cards, exclusive offers, and unbeatable discounts on Bajaj Finserv in 2023.


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  • Gift vouchers can be used on BigBasket website and on the BigBasket app.
  • Multiple gift vouchers can be used in one bill.
  • Gift vouchers can be clubbed with on-going promotions/ offers.

BigBasket’s product offerings

BigBasket boasts an expansive line-up catering to diverse needs. From farm-fresh produce to artisanal goodies, it is a haven for culinary exploration. Their inventory spans organic veggies, pantry staples, exotic spices, and international fare, suiting global tastes. They excel in personal care, household essentials, and pet supplies, ensuring a comprehensive shopping experience. Specialised dietary options and gourmet treats elevate the selection. With a focus on quality and convenience, BigBasket's wide-ranging offerings redefine grocery shopping, merging variety, and excellence for every discerning shopper.

How to purchase BigBasket Gift Cards on Bajaj Finserv

To purchase the BigBasket Gift Cards, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Bajaj Finserv app or website
  2. Navigate to the ‘REWARDS’ section on the home page
  3. Go to ‘E-GIFT CARD OFFERS’ and tap on ‘VIEW ALL’
  4. Find the gift card that you want to purchase and tap on ‘BUY NOW’
  5. Add the gift card that you want to buy and sign up on Gyftr using your mobile number and email id to proceed
  6. Select your preferred payment mode to purchase the gift card

You can now send the gift card to your friends or family or use this gift card to shop your favourite products affordably.

How to redeem BigBasket Gift Cards

After purchasing your BigBasket Gift Card on Bajaj Finserv, follow these steps to avail your gift card:

  1. You will receive a Gift Card code
  2. Login to www.bigbasket.com or on the BigBasket app
  3. Select the items you want to purchase
  4. Proceed to the payment section
  5. Select gift card option while making the payment
  7. Select from ‘GIFT CARD’ and ‘GIFT VOUCHER’
  8. Enter the gift card number and PIN and click on ‘APPLY’
  9. Proceed to make the payment using your gift card

BigBasket Gift Cards for corporate gifting

Elevate your corporate gifting with BigBasket Gift Cards. Tailored for versatility, these cards offer a seamless solution for expressing appreciation. With customisable denominations, they empower recipients to explore BigBasket's extensive collection, ensuring a personalised and stylish gift that aligns perfectly with the diverse corporate needs.

BigBasket Gift Cards for special events and celebrations

Celebrate special moments with BigBasket Gift Cards. The perfect gift for events and celebrations, these cards provide the freedom to choose from BigBasket's diverse offerings. Make every occasion memorable with the gift of choice.

BigBasket Gift Cards for him/ her

Discover the ideal gift with BigBasket Gift Cards for your partner. Offering a thoughtful and stylish present, these gift cards empower recipients to choose from the latest products. Give the gift of personalised style, making every occasion special with the freedom to select from their preferred options.

Frequently asked questions

When do BigBasket Gift Cards expire?

It is recommended that you utilise your BigBasket Gift Cards before their expiry date. The Gift Cards will no longer be valid after the specified date mentioned in the card details.

Can I use BigBasket Gift Cards on sale or discounted items?

Yes, you can use your BigBasket Gift Card during a clearance sale or on discounted items.

Can I use multiple BigBasket Gift Cards in one order?

Yes, you can use multiple BigBasket Gift Cards in one bill to buy your favourite products.

What happens if I lose my BigBasket Gift Card?

In case your gift card gets lost, stolen, or damaged, you will neither get a duplicate nor a refund.

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