11 Best New Small Business Ideas in India to Start in 2024

Here is a list of business ideas for beginners to pursue in India.
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02 September 2023

India's dynamic and diverse market, finding the best new small business ideas in India is crucial for success. From e-commerce ventures and tech startups to traditional sectors like agriculture and healthcare, innovation thrives. Discovering the right business opportunity is a gateway to tapping into the nation's burgeoning economy and entrepreneurial spirit.

Best business ideas for beginners

Here are some business ideas that offer a perfect starting point for aspiring entrepreneurs to embark on their journey to success:

Tiffin service

Tiffin service is one of the fastest-growing businesses in urban and semi-urban India. Delivery of meals at workplaces and residences has seen an increase in demand due to its convenience, particularly to working individuals. The initial investment required is relatively low, making tiffin service a lucrative business idea in India.

Aspiring entrepreneurs can thus cash in on this opportunity and give shape to their new business idea. Providing fresh, home-cooked, wholesome meals thus by far remains among the top business ideas in India.

Private tutoring

Many parents in India are realising the importance of overall development for their children that schools alone are unable to provide. There is also an increasing need for specialised coaching to help children excel in academics. If you are an expert on any subject or skill, use your knowledge to set up a successful business. You can hold private classes in subjects such as self-learning, drama, and speech or even watercolour painting.

Pet-care service

If you are looking for the best business ideas in India with low investment, a pet care service is ideal to start with. Pet owners take special care to ensure their pets receive the right care and treatment while they are away. Hence, they look for professionals who can take care of their pets while travelling.
Pet care services are thus a potential opportunity where you can tap in to generate income. If you are a pet lover, it could not get better than opening a pet care service. The initial investment required is also minimal, thus making it easy to start and operate.

Educational mobile apps

If you are interested in creating teaching aids, mobile apps are a promising avenue for you. You must have expertise in the subject matter and either outsource the technical development or do it yourself. Apps related to general knowledge, mathematics, and overall development are highly sought after and can help you create a substantial business.


Bakery products are in huge demand today, thanks to the happiness they add to celebrations. You can start with your own bakery business with minimal investment and generate considerable revenues from cookies and muffins to cakes and other bakery products.
Among the best business ideas in India, the bakery has immense potential for growth and expansion. As the market trends towards first-hand bakery products at affordable prices, a home-grown bakery has a golden chance to be an instant hit these days.

Clothing and accessories

There is a growing business trend to rent clothing and accessories at much lower rates than their original prices. If you are excited by fashion, you can establish a renting service and turn it into a lucrative business. Use social media for advertising your offerings and set competitive prices to attract customers.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of online business where you earn commissions by promoting other people’s products or services on your website, blog, social media, or email list. You can choose from a variety of niches and programs that suit your audience and interests.

Data analyst consulting

Data analyst consulting is a type of business where you provide data analysis, visualisation, and reporting services to clients from different industries and sectors. You can use your skills and tools to help them solve problems, make decisions, and optimise their performance.

Digital marketing campaign manager

A digital marketing campaign manager is a type of business where you plan, execute, and monitor online marketing campaigns for clients or your own products. You can use various channels and strategies such as SEO, PPC, email, social media, content, and video to reach and engage your target audience.

SEO services

SEO services is a type of business where you help clients or your own websites rank higher on search engines such as Google or Bing. You can use your knowledge and experience to optimise their websites for keywords, content, technical aspects, and user experience.


Dropshipping is a lucrative e-commerce model where retailers sell products without holding inventory. Instead, they purchase items from a third party who ships directly to the customer. This minimizes upfront costs and eliminates the need for warehousing. Entrepreneurs benefit from low-risk entry, scalability, and a wide array of products to offer customers.

Three tips for choosing the best business idea

Choosing the right new business idea is crucial for success. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Identify your passion and expertise, ensuring alignment with your venture.
  2. Assess market demand through research, validating your concept's viability.
  3. Consider the potential of scaling your business, envisioning long-term growth, and adaptability in evolving markets.

These steps foster a solid foundation for entrepreneurial success.

How to find funds for your business?

Securing funds is a pivotal step in realising your entrepreneurial dreams.

  • Bajaj Finserv Business Loan is a great option. It offers tailored financial solutions, flexible repayment terms, and competitive interest rates, catering to diverse business needs.
  • For doctors and medical professionals, doctor loans are of great help. These loans provide financial support for setting up or expanding medical practices, purchasing equipment, or meeting operational expenses.
  • Chartered Accountants (CAs) can explore CA loans, designed to help them invest in technology, expand their practice, or enhance professional development.

Careful evaluation of your business financial requirements and research into suitable funding options can pave the way to business success.


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Frequently asked questions

What is a good business idea?

A good business idea solves a problem or fulfils a need. Examples include subscription box services, eco-friendly products, personalised online experiences, and virtual event planning.

How to start a business without money?

Starting a business without money involves using skills and resources. Use social media for promotion, barter for services or goods, seek partnerships, opt for a service-based model, apply for business loan.

What is a small successful business?

Small successful businesses vary widely. Examples include local bakeries, niche consulting firms, personalised pet services, and specialised fitness studios. These businesses serve specific, dedicated customer bases and maintain profitability.

What are the most successful small business ideas?

Successful small business ideas in India include food delivery services, mobile app development, e-commerce platforms, digital marketing agencies, fitness and wellness centers, tutoring and education services, and renewable energy ventures. Tailoring services, organic farming, and home healthcare are also gaining traction. Adaptability to local needs is crucial for success.

Which business is best to start today?

The best business to start today depends on your skills, interests, and market trends. Online ventures like e-commerce, digital marketing agencies, and app development remain promising. Sustainable and health-related industries, such as renewable energy or wellness services, are also gaining momentum. Research, innovation, and adaptability are key for success.

What makes for a good work-from-home small business idea?

A good work-from-home small business idea combines market demand with your skills and interests. It should offer flexibility, scalability, and require minimal upfront investment. Successful ideas often leverage digital platforms, such as online tutoring, freelance writing, e-commerce, or virtual assistance. A strong online presence and effective time management are crucial for success.

Which business is best to start?

The best business to start depends on various factors, such as your interests, skills, market demand, and financial resources. Some of the popular businesses that are easy to start and have high-profit potential include food business, online retail, e-commerce, and freelance services.

Which business makes money fast?

Businesses that cater to the needs of the market and solve real-world problems tend to make money fast. Some of the businesses that are known for their fast returns include e-commerce, food delivery, mobile app development, online tutoring, and social media marketing.

In which business I can earn Rs. 1,000 per day?

There are various businesses that can help you earn Rs. 1,000 per day, such as blogging, affiliate marketing, online tutoring, content writing, freelance services, and home-based food business. However, the actual earning potential depends on your dedication, skills, and market demand.

Which business is 100% profitable?

No business can be guaranteed 100% profitable, as the market is constantly changing, and external factors such as economic conditions, competition, and demand can affect the profitability of any business. However, some businesses that have shown consistent profitability in the long run include healthcare, education, food, and technology-driven businesses.    

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