What is Bharat Bill Payment System

As an integrated, interoperable payments platform, BPPS or Bharat Bill Payment System facilitates bill payments across a variety of billing categories, including but not limited to electricity, gas, water, DTH, mobile recharge, cable, municipal taxes, insurance premiums etc. Conceptualised by the RBI and maintained by the NCPI, Bharat Bill Pay is a safe and reliable one-stop payment destination for customers where they can pay for a wide range of services using either electronic modes of payment or cash. Moreover, since the BBPS platform can be accessed anytime, anywhere, through a mobile banking app or its network of on-ground agents, paying recurring bills becomes exceptionally easy and convenient for the customer.

Terms & Conditions

When you access the BBPS portal to make transactions, you agree to the following terms and conditions:
  • Customers must note down their transaction IDs and preserve the same for future reference as this unique reference number may be needed for lodging a complaint or tracking one’s transaction status
  • Customers need to submit their contact details to receive payment confirmation notifications
  • When initiating a transaction through the Bharat Bill Pay portal, customers need to fill in their relevant bill details carefully
  • The billers listed on a bank’s website may vary as per their availability on the official BBPS site
  • If any losses are incurred for transactions initiated through a banking app or website, the bank itself will not be liable. This includes damages resulting from server delays, internet outages, system failures or errors etc.
  • Customers can raise service and transaction complaints on the Bharat Bill Pay portal
  • Ideally, all BBPS users should go through the listed FAQs before using the Bharat billpay system
  • Customers must review the terms and conditions of using the Bharat Bill Payment System carefully, before proceeding to the transaction stage

Frequently asked questions

Transaction Related

Why is my money deducted for failed payments?

If your money is deducted from your bank account for a failed payment, there is no need to worry as your money is absolutely safe. The amount will be refunded into your account within 3 to 5 days from the date you made the payment. You can check your relevant bank account statement after 5 days for a refund confirmation.

What if my payment is successful but the money has not reached the receiver?

Your recharge/Bill Payment may be taking longer than usual to process. This usually happens when we are not able to get confirmation of payment from your bank or not able to get the status of your recharge from the Biller.
In such scenarios, we assure you that your money is safe and will be refunded to you in case of payment failure.

I have accidentally made a payment towards the wrong bill.

What should I do?

Since you have already made the payment, we will not be able to modify or cancel it as the payment benefit has already been delivered to the recipient (you).
Moreover, if you come across any unauthorised transaction, please raise a dispute with us on the 'Bills & Recharge' page, please click here.

How can I cancel my recharge?

No, you cannot cancel a recharge once you initiate a request on Bajaj Pay. This applies to pending recharges as well.

Why is Recharge Payment pending?

Recharges on Bajaj Pay are instant, but sometimes there may be a delay in receiving the status of recharge from operators.
Take a look at this short video to learn more about your pending recharge.
While most pending recharges are successful within 1 hour, in rare cases it may take upto 48 hours. You can check the final status of your pending recharge in the History section of your Bajaj Pay app.
If your recharge falls for any reason, the entire amount will be refunded to you as per the refund timelines below:

UPI: 5 Business Days
Wallet: T+1 where T shall mean the date of the transaction and 1 shall mean the subsequent day

Are there any transaction charges applicable to recharge or make bill payments using the Bajai Finserv App?

No, there are no transaction charges applicable when you transact using the Bajaj Finserv App. T&C Apply. Duplicate

What happens if I recharge twice?

In case you have accidentally recharged the same number.


What is 'Rewards in Process"?

'Rewards In Process' refers to the rewards that are initially locked and get unlocked only after you complete the 'Offer Activity' successfully.
For example, 'Rewards in Process' cashback for wallet creation gets unlocked only after you make your first wallet load*
*Minimum wallet load amount applicable

Where can I see my Vouchers, Cashback and Bajaj Coins?

To view your Vouchers, Cashback and Bajaj Coins, please click on the link given below.

My Bajai Coins have expired. Can I get them restored?

You cannot redeem expired Bajaj Coins.

Can I transfer my cashback to a bank account? Is there any charge for the same?

Rewards cashback cannot be transferred to a bank account.
However, you can use your rewards cashback for making payment transactions with us.

My voucher has expired. Can I activate it again?

Vouchers are provided with a clearly mentioned expiry date and they cannot be re-activated. Kindly refer to the voucher T&C for more details.

Where can I use my Bajaj Coins?

You can use your Bajaj Coins to:

  • Purchasing vouchers of various brands on Bajaj Deal
  • To make bill payments

I made a transaction but didn't receive any Bajaj Coins for the same. What should I do?

We regret the inconvenience caused. There may be a delay due to some technical issues. We request you wait for some time and re-check the 'Bajaj Coins' section of the app.
However, if you still can't find your Bajaj Coins, please Raise A Request/Complaint with us by following these steps:

  1. Go to the 'Menu' at the top left of the home page
  2. Select 'Help & Support'
  3. Click on 'Raise A Request' at the bottom of the screen
  4. Select the category for which you want to raise a request

I suspect that someone else is using my account on the Baja Finserv App to make transactions without my consent. What should I do?

If you suspect that someone else is using your account, we request you to:

  • Change your account password
  • Logout from Bajaj Finserv App after a transaction is done

Moreover, if you come across any unauthorised transaction, please raise a dispute with us on the 'Bills & Recharge' page, please click here.

How can I report an unauthorized/fraudulent transaction on my Bajai Pay Wallet?

In such cases, please raise a request with us by following these steps:

  • Click on the 'Passbook' under the 'Bajai Pay' section on the Home Screen
  • Scroll to the 'Bajai Pay Wallet' section
  • Click on the transaction for which you wish to raise a request/query
  • Click on 'Report this as fraud'
  • Describe vour fraud details
  • Click on 'Submit'
Receipt related

I want to view my recharge/transaction details. Where can I check the same on my Bajai Finserv App?

On successfully completing a transaction, you will get an instant confirmation of the same followed by a receipt sent to your registered email ID or mobile number. To view or download your transaction receipt, please follow the below steps:

  • Go on the home screen of Baja Finserv App
  • Go to 'Passbook' section
  • Click on the transaction to know more details or to share/ download the receipt

I have made a payment. Where will I get the receipt for it?

On successful completion of the transaction/bill payment, you will get an instant confirmation followed by the receipt of the same on your registered email ID or mobile number. You can also view or download your receipt in the 'Passbook' section of the Bajaj Finserv App.

Query Status

How can I raise a request/ complaint?

To raise a complaint/request, please follow the below steps:

  • Go to the homepage of the Bajaj Finserv App
  • Go to the 'Passbook'
  • Click on 'Quick Help/FAQ' at the bottom of the screen
  • Go through the FAQs and if not satisfied with the given answer then click on the 'Still have a query' option given at the bottom of the screen to raise a dispute

To raise a request now, please click here

How can I track the status of my complaint/ request?

To track your request/complaint status, please follow the below steps:

  • Click on the 'Menu' button at the top left of the home screen
  • Select 'Help and Support'
  • Go to 'My Raised Requests'
  • Click on the 'View All' option
  • Choose the request you wish to check the status of To check the status of your complaint now, please click here
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