Bills and Recharges

Bills and Recharges

What is Bharat Bill Payment System

As an integrated, interoperable payments platform, BPPS or Bharat Bill Payment System facilitates bill payments across a variety of billing categories, including but not limited to electricity, gas, water, DTH, mobile recharge, cable, municipal taxes, insurance premiums etc. Conceptualised by the RBI and maintained by the NCPI, Bharat Bill Pay is a safe and reliable one-stop payment destination for customers where they can pay for a wide range of services using either electronic modes of payment or cash. Moreover, since the BBPS platform can be accessed anytime, anywhere, through a mobile banking app or its network of on-ground agents, paying recurring bills becomes exceptionally easy and convenient for the customer.

Terms & Conditions

When you access the BBPS portal to make transactions, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Customers must note down their transaction IDs and preserve the same for future reference as this unique reference number may be needed for lodging a complaint or tracking one’s transaction status
  • Customers need to submit their contact details to receive payment confirmation notifications
  • When initiating a transaction through the Bharat Bill Pay portal, customers need to fill in their relevant bill details carefully
  • The billers listed on a bank’s website may vary as per their availability on the official BBPS site
  • If any losses are incurred for transactions initiated through a banking app or website, the bank itself will not be liable. This includes damages resulting from server delays, internet outages, system failures or errors etc.
  • Customers can raise service and transaction complaints on the Bharat Bill Pay portal
  • Ideally, all BBPS users should go through the listed FAQs before using the Bharat billpay system
  • Customers must review the terms and conditions of using the Bharat Bill Payment System carefully, before proceeding to the transaction stage

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of BBPS?

Bharat Bill Payment System or BBPS is a one-stop payment destination for recurring bill payments. Bharat Bill Pay is accessible to customers across the country and helps facilitate payments anytime, anywhere. Customers can choose from multiple payment options to pay their recurring bills. Conceptualised by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), this interoperable payment ecosystem is maintained by the National Payments Corporation of India (NCPI). This makes BBPS bill pay a safe and reliable option for customers. BBPS bill pay services can be availed by customers either through digital channels or through its network of bank branches and on-ground agents.

How does Bharat bill pay work?

As an integrated, interoperable bill payment system, BBPS allows customers to make payments anytime, anywhere. They can access the Bharat Bill Pay portal through an internet banking app or visit their bank branch or any BBPS authorised local retail shop to avail of its payment services. Once they have accessed the portal, they must click on the Bill Payment or BBPS tab, pick a biller category and enter the details of their bill. Once that’s done, they can initiate payment and receive an instant confirmation for the same.

What are BBPS transactions?
Bharat Bill Pay or BBPS transactions refer to bill payments that are completed through this RBI-mandated integrated and interoperable portal. Customers can make recurring payments for their gas, electricity, water, DTH and many other bills through the Bharat billpay portal. They can complete these transactions using electronic routes like a mobile banking app/ Kiosk or visit physical BBPS authorised outlets like a bank branch and a local retail shop. Once the transaction is completed, the customer is notified with an SMS confirmation for the same. Since Bharat Payment transactions can be made at any time of the day or night, customers get to enjoy complete control over their monthly bill payments.
Can I recharge my mobile via BBPS service?

Yes. BBPS or Bharat Bill Payment System can be used to meet a number of recurring bill payment obligations, including prepaid recharges. In June 2021, the Reserve Bank of India announced that the Bharat Bill Pay portal can be used to recharge a customer’s prepaid mobile number. Accordingly, a ‘mobile prepaid recharge’ was added to the biller category of the BBPS portal. This allows customers to recharge their prepaid numbers by simply visiting the BBPS portal through their Netbanking app or an authorised on-ground agent.

How can I track BBPS complaint status?

The Bharat Bill Payment System offers customers not just a streamlined, all-in-one bill payment platform but also guarantees that their complaints will be redressed through a centralised complaint management system. Once you register a complaint, you can easily track its status on the BBPS portal. The status of your complaint can be classed into logged, assigned, pending with BBPOU, resolved, re-assigned or escalated categories, as per its processing timeline.

You can review your complaint status by following the easy steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to the ‘Check Complaint Status’ tab on the BBPS portal
  2. Enter your mobile number or complaint reference ID
  3. Click on the ‘View Details and Status’ option
  4. Review your complaint status

How can I raise a complaint regarding BBPS transactions?

Raising a complaint regarding your BBPS transaction is quite easy. You can do so through your mobile banking application or directly through the Bharat Bill Pay portal. You can also register a complaint through a BBPS authorised agent outlet. BBPS payment complaints primarily fall under two categories, i.e., transaction and service complaints. The former can be lodged for a successful, failed or pending transaction, while the latter are non-transactional complaints. In such cases, your mobile number or transaction ID acts as a unique reference number.

Is there a transaction charge on Bharat bill payments and recharges?

Bharat Bill Pay provides you with a streamlined and cost-effective bill payment ecosystem that can be used to pay recurring bills, anytime, anywhere. If you complete an electronic transaction at your own bank, it will be exempted from any service charges or convenience fees. However, if transactions are completed through a bank branch or local BBPS authorised agent, you will have to pay a nominal convenience fee.

What is BBPS transaction ID?

When you use the BBPS portal to pay for your gas, electricity, water, DTH or mobile recharge bills, you are issued a transaction ID. This is a unique reference number that’s allocated to transactions made through the Bharat Bill Pay portal. For every transaction made through the Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS), a different transaction ID is generated. This transaction ID is important because you will need it when trying to lodge a complaint against a failed transaction. This reference ID also comes in handy when trying to review the status of an already registered transaction complaint on the BBPS portal.

How to check BBPS transaction status?

For every payment made through the BBPS portal, customers can review their transaction status. To check the status of your payment, simply visit the BBPS page. Go to the Complaint Management section and click on the ‘Query Transaction’ tab. Once you enter your mobile number or unique transaction reference ID, you can see if your transaction has been classed as successful, pending or failed. In case of transaction status-related issues, you can also register a complaint on the BBPS portal.

How can BBPS bill payment be made through?

BBPS or Bharat Bill Payment System allows customers to make bill payments through cash, credit/ debit cards or electronic modes like UPI, NEFT, IMPS and internet banking. Customers can access BBPS through their internet banking app or visit a BBPS authorised local retail shop or bank branch. Here, they can opt to clear their bills through a digital payment mode or through cash. Once the payment is completed, the customer receives an auto-generated transaction ID and an SMS confirmation for the same.

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